Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Birthday for Brandi

Last weekend, Brandi turned 176! She is now very old, so I tried to make her feel better with a Barbie birthday cake. 

It was possibly a little bit lumpy. We had some issues with the middle portion not wanting to come out of the baking pan. 

But it tasted really good, especially the middle part that had all the icing where I tried to cover up the caved in center. 

And it was very sparkly. 

And when we lit all those candles, it was very smoky! 

It didn't set the smoke alarm off or anything, but I think that might be an indication that my parents need to check their batteries more than anything! 

After cake it was time for presents! 

Presents make Brandi happy. 

So does her big new hat that she will wear in Baikanor. Or however you spell that.

And Grandma telling Brandi that the underwear she bought her is "pretty sexy" makes Michael laugh real hard. 

And a good time was had by all!