Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Wild Hair

I've been thinking about it for two days. I've been planning it out in my head, and now my plan is completely scattered over every surface in my kitchen.

My pantry is just not working anymore. It has to be rearranged. And there is simply no way to do that except for removing everything. Like - I mean EVERYTHING.

Oh dear, it looks like my fire exit is partially blocked. And seeing as how I may start burning all of this junk that I can't possibly have a use for, I'm going to have to rectify that situation.

I will say this, though: that is one hardworking little pantry! I had no idea it could store this much stuff!! I have three boxes each of cornmeal and hershey's cocoa, and two each of Splenda (which I use once a year for my dad at Thanksgiving), Ritz crackers and pink sprinkles. A truly gifted cook could take all this excess and make something delicious with it. Let's see...cornmeal and pink sprinkles...what can be done with that...?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Annnd We're Back!

I know - I's been a while! But I've been thinking about you! I've missed you and now I'm finally here with something to show you!

Basically, this is what I have to show you:

A bunch of dancing 9th grade girls! I believe they're dancing because they were soooo happy to have me as their DNow Leader!

You other Baptist kids know what a DNow is, but for my other friends, it's just a youth weekend retreat. We do a little Bible study, a little community building and a lot of goofing off.

I don't have pictures of the Bible study part, because that would've been weird.

I have a few pictures of the community building. This year it was a "community impact" scavenger hunt. Basically, we had a list of helpful tasks we had to run around town to get done. We wiped tables at a fast food restaurant:

We bought a guy some coffee. He was excited about it I think:

We also scared lots of people. This lady thought she was being attacked by girl scouts. We just wanted to carry her groceries for her, but the girls were maybe a little excited about it, so she yelled, "I already bought 20 boxes!" before the girls could explain. After that she was totally into it, though.

They also scared a homeless man that they just wanted to give some water to. He ran away. No joke. Like, actually ran. I don't have a picture. That would've been weird.

They also invited people to church, handed out water to less skittish homeless folks, and they pumped a stranger's gas for him. (That's the stranger in the background.)

I got a lot more photos of the goofiing off, though.

Like we've already seen, there was dancing:

There were some interesting makeovers:

On Saturday there was a little bit of playing outside. The weather was perfect!

The whole weekend was so much fun! Thanks girls!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Loves Me Some...

1. Randy Rogers Band Pandora station. (Although Pandora did try to throw in a Colby Callait song. In what way is Colby Callait like the Randy Rogers Band? I do not understand.)

2. Listening to my Pandora station while cooking.

3. Cooking.
That's me - that's what I look like when I cook. Except my stylist is off today, so this is not a picture of me cooking today. (What fuzzy purple socks? I don't even own any fuzzy purple socks. But if I was wearing fuzzy purple socks, I would look hot in them. Whatever.)

4. Cooking tacos.

5. Cooking tacos with my very own special taco sauce recipe. (I recreated it after we ate at Fuzzy's with Heather and Andy and Carmen and Matt. I'm not sure it's exactly the same, but it's good.)

Mix this stuff together:
1/2 C. Mayo
1/3 C. sour cream
1 tbsp. lemon juice
2 tbsp. tarragon vinegar
1 tspn. cumin
1 tspn. garlic salt
dash red pepper
dash white pepper

6. Eating.

7. Eating the guacamole I make to go with tacos. It's just avocado, tomato chunks and lots of salt. That's the whole recipe.

Not that I'm one to brag on my cookin...I learned humility from this guy: