Saturday, March 26, 2011

That's a Good-Lookin' Truck, Mister

Well, if you were hoping to get your hands on a broke-down but good-lookin' 2001 Dodge Ram, it's too late.

We sold Truck this morning.

Deep breath. Moment of silence.

Stanley bought 'im. And took 'im away. Stanley seemed nice. He seemed excited when he saw Truck, so I think he knew he was getting something special. That's all I can ask.

So we made the appointment with Stanley yesterday. He would be here in the morning to take my baby away. (and leave a little cash behind in his place) I didn't break down, but I did make Michael go and sit in the cab with me for about an hour.

We should've sat on the tailgate for a little while, too. Dangit! I wonder if Stanley would let us come out and sit on the tailgate. I'll give him a call here in a minute.

So, since Truck's A/C doesn't work we rolled down the windows and sat there and it was great. Michael's so tolerant of his crazy wife. He even said he'd miss Truck, too. (I have known Truck longer than I've known Michael. I mean - c'mon! This is a long term relationship ending here.)

But it was time.

But I still miss him.

Sure was a good Truck.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love Is In the Air!

It must be, because I'm editing another engagement session this week! I met up with Jacob & Kelly, some friends who are getting married this spring, to snap a few engagements. I'm still working on them, but I wanted to share what I'm working on.

Meet the happy couple:

This shoot was so much fun! Kelly was so silly and totally into it, and Jacob just laughed and rolled his eyes at her. (In between sneaking kisses) You can tell he thinks she's supercute, though. Although, I would be very surprised to hear the word "supercute" come out of Jacob's mouth.

Can't wait to show you more!

Friday, March 18, 2011

So Cute on SoCo!

First of all - wow! So many people looked at my karaoke post! Thanks guys! I'm glad you stopped by.

So here we are again - you guys briefly met this couple two posts ago. They are Steve & Elisha of "I Love You So Much" fame.

Sidenote - my dad asked me if that graffiti was already there or if I put it there for the picture. Really? Can you see me tagging a building just to get a pretty picture? I don't think the latte I had to drink right before the session was quite stiff enough to make me think that was okay!

Moving onto the pictures - the good stuff!! We stopped for a photo about every three feet on South Congress, so there are a few of them!
This is one of my favorites. Steve is a drummer, so all the music posters in the background just make me happy!

Cuddling on South Congress.

This is in front of the Hotel San Jose.

If you're from Austin, you probably recognize a few of these spots. If not, you should come see them! You can stay in our guest room!

He was supposed to stay on the green side, but he just couldn't resist a little kiss!

Our last stop was Friends of Sound, which is a record store back behind the main shops on Congress. It's a cool little spot, and Steve and Elisha like to shop for records together. (I don't know if that's the cool way to say that or not, but you get the idea.) I like the shots we got here a lot!

Thanks guys! We had a lot of fun with this shoot! Can't wait for the wedding!

If you would like to book a session, email me at!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

We're Sisters and They're Sisters

Yesterday Brandi and I met up with our friends Casey and Lindsey. We're sisters (Brandi and I), and they're sisters (Casey & Lindsey), and we're the same age (Lindsey and I), and they're the same age (Casey & Brandi). Makes sense? Okay good! We've all been friends since we were really, really little.

Brandi & Casey are the older sisters:

And me and Lindsey are the younger sisters:

Brandi and I had a little time to kill before we met up with Casey & Lindsey for lots of silly, girly fun, so we headed down to Galveston and visited the same ice cream shop we went to when we were little. It looked exactly the same!

Brandi got her icecream in a cup. (No Fun!) But I got lemon icecream in a cone. I forgot how fast you have to eat icecream when it's in a cone. You can't mess around.

Brandi thinks it's funny to take pictures of me like the one of the left:
I prefer the one on the right. I'm nice. I take pretty pictures of her!

I couldn't leave without buying something so I took home some taffy. (The same kind that the taffy guy threw at my head. I caught it. It was awesome. The catch and the taffy - both awesome.) I snacked on it all the way home today.

Okay - moving on!

Brandi needed to sing karaoke to fulfill one of her 30x30 List requirements. So we all planned on spending Saturday night belting it out and signing record deals. We were pretty sure that was gonna happen.

But first we had to get all stage-ready. We started with pedicures.

Just look at Lindsey! She's so high maintenance!

Then we decided that we wanted to look all glammed up so we went to Nordstrom and got our makeup done. It was such a good idea! None of us could have ever done our makeup like the girls at the makeup counters did. Good times. I only have pictures of the finished products because my makeup took the longest.

Then we had a little dinner, (actually, a lot of dinner. I did not just eat a little.) and headed on over to our final location for some karaoke!

We had to pick out our songs first. There were hundreds (possibly a thousand or more?) songs to choose from. But we already had an idea of what we wanted to sing.
(It is just so hard to get Lindsey excited about anything, as you can see.)

So we picked our songs, turned in our cards and waited. And waited and waited. While we waited, we were treated to the musical stylings of our peers at the karaoke bar. We really thought that most people who go to karaoke would be silly and awful (I mean awesome) like us. But no. Nobody else was. Some of them were pretty good, but they ALL thought they were! They just had no idea the treat they were in store for!

Me and Lindsey got a standing ovation with our version of "You Were Mine" by the Dixie Chicks. (They were standing right? Some of them were standing. Or was that guy just getting up to go the bathroom? Hard to say.)
Man we rocked it.

Then Brandi rocked out on another Dixie Chicks songs, "There's Your Trouble."
"You've been, seein' double with the...wrong one..." Then she signed some autographs and took pictures with her fans.

Lindsey and Casey picked out one that Lindsey has apparently been practicing for a long time. They chose "I Cross My Heart" from the George Strait songbook.
People danced while they sang. No joke!

We also all sang Miranda Lambert's "Kerosene" (aka I'm Givin' Up On Love) together, (there was a dance break involved) but we were all up on stage, so there are no pictures. I think it was our best one of the night.

All of this, by the way, was done totally sober. Not joking. We needed no liquid courage at all. We're just naturally gutsy, I guess. Naturally awesome.

A record producer chased us out into the parking lot and offered us a record deal, but we just told him, "Ya know, for us, it's all about the music. We don't want to sell out, so thanks, but no thanks!" He cried a little, but we stood firm and I think he respected us for it.

Can't wait 'til next time!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Just Can't Stand It!!

Look! I just started editing these photos. We took them last night on South Congress with Elisha & Steve. I would wait until I have at least a little sample ready for you, but I just can't stand it! Gotta share:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Belated Post

Sadly, Birthday Month is over. But before I let go, a few thank you's need to go out.

First of all, to my sweetie (SugarButt, if you will. Wink to my Sunday School girls) Since I was finishing up DNow on my actual birthday, we didn't make any plans to meet anyone for dinner or have people over or anything. All this translates to Jenni's girlfriends and/or momma are not here to make a cake and light the candles. But he totally rocked out on making my actual birthday day really special. He grilled me a burger (my favorite food that he makes) and bought me a special little cake from HEB. And he laughed at me when I "called" the chocolate covered strawberry on top. Apparently that was always reserved for the birthday girl.

I ate half the cake. Yeah I did.

And then I ate some more cake! My family was here the last weekend in February for my bday and a trip to the theater. (We saw Wicked on Sunday! So good)

Mom and Brandi made a candy bar cake. Yum!

Momma also made a ton of other food: chicken and dumplings, fried okra, fruit salad, grilled corn on the cob (I think Michael actually did that.) I was verrrry full.

And daddy picked out a tiara for me to wear. Cuz birthday hats are so last year. Daddy likes to keep up with trends.

You like my special birthday outfit that I wore? Pretty sure I've had that shirt since BEFORE I went to Baylor.

Logan came to, but he eluded my camera all weekend apparently. BUT he bought me the new Randy Rogers Band CD. I almost haven't listened to anything else since.

Soooo, now you will quit hearing about my birthday. For the next 11 months anyway.