Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sugars for Sweet Dreams

The hour or so between bathtime and bedtime is by far Sam's happiest, most playful time of the day. Somethin' about feeling all clean and full from dinner and having both me and Daddy all to himself. It's apparently a good combo.

So right after bathtime, Sam actually runs around naked a little bit. This is not on purpose. He's just hard to catch. But one day he's gonna be grown, and he'd be mad at me if I put pictures of that on the internets, so we'll skip to the next parts!

We've been reading books at bedtime pretty much since we brought Sam home. The Going to Bed Book was the first book I read to him. He liked that one for a while. Then we went through a Kiss Goodnight phase. He's a big fan of both Little Blue Truck books. And one of our friends got him the cutest Itsy Bitsy Spider book that he wanted me to read over and over again for about two weeks. I don't think it's exaggerating to say I've sung that song hundreds of times by now.

His first picks lately have been an HEB special called Demolition (it's as boyish as it sounds) and Red Truck. There's also one we picked up at the Cottage in Jasper that sings Jesus Loves the Little Children. That song is probably gonna break the Itsy Bitsy Spider record here pretty soon.

You might be laughing at me thinking that he actually has favorites at his age. But he definitely has pretty strong opinions about which ones he likes and doesn't like. I bought him a cute little copy of Jamberry months ago ('cause I liked it when I was little), and we have yet to get past the first page. No joke, he closes the book every time I start reading it to him. Jamberry was a flop.

So after we had sweet, calm story time tonight,

Daddy got his turn. And we got this:

We're teaching him to read and wrestle early. Both indispensable life skills, after all. At least it gets him good and tired for bed.

He is also a Peek-a-Boo pro. He used to put a bucket on his head and peek out from under it. Now he prefers that his daddy do all the work. He just watches and giggles. I got the sweetest smiles from Peek-a-Boo tonight!

Then we gather up the puppy dogs. They are both necessary for good sleep. (Yes, he's chewing on the first one's tail. He normally carries them by their tails. If we ever get a real dog, we'll teach him not to do that. Promise.)

Then after a "sugar for a sweet dream"

he's ready for bed.

Sleep tight, y'all!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oh the Selfies You'll Take!

It's been about a month since we got back from our Fancy Schmancy New York Trip. I have so many pictures. We saw all the things. (And took almost none of them seriously. Just a teaser, Brandi touched ancient history. Stay tuned!) 

But tonight I give you, the Fancy Schmancy Selfie Collection. Some are sophisticated (see if you can spot the Met). Some are whimsical (we saw Matilda). Some gave us away as tourists (selfie in the taxi?) and at least one is in a bathroom that is fancier than my whole house. 

All of them are second takes, 'cause nobody gets the first pancake right. 

God bless, y'all!