Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hangin' with Cory Morrow

I'm gonna count it as hangin' with Cory Morrow anyway. I mean, he was at Papa Woody's and I was at Papa Woody's. So that counts, right? Cory sang some songs, I took some pictures. It was good times.

Actually, KOKE FM invited me to come take some photos since they were one of the sponsors of his show Saturday night.

It was an hour away, he didn't start until almost 11 and it poured rain so that I had to run inside with my camera under my shirt. 

It was so much fun! 

First I shot from the front of the stage:

Then I found something to climb on at the side of the stage for another angle: 

Then I got to go around and shoot from the stage! A little tiny corner of it, but still...got some good stuff. 

Of course, that lasted about 4-5 songs, and then it started pouring! We all ran inside and they finished the show  inside. Since the inside was just a bar, I got to get really close and get a few shots that I'm a little proud of. 

And just a couple more:

 Got another exciting shoot coming up this weekend! If you're in Austin, you should come to the Willie Nelson show on Saturday night. I'm just sayin' - maybe I'll see you there!

Friday, August 10, 2012

A New Hogg Baby

Y'all have met Hudson before. You know he's pretty cool. Well, all of a sudden, he has a little protege - his little brother Brazos.

Brazos is also pretty cool. He'll let you put a hat on his head while he is sleeping, and just keep on sleeping even though your camera is loud and you move his feet around a lot. 

The Hoggs are some of our oldest Austin friends, and it is so fun to watch their family grow! 

Now they have two sweet boys who, I'm sure, will get into lots of trouble together over the next few years! 

But I think Meagan is plenty momma-enough to handle them both! 

I've seen several things on Pinterest lately that say it is better to be a big brother than it is to be a superhero. Hudson would like you to know that's only true if you still get to wear the cape.

He's gonna be a great big brother! 

Welcome, Brazos! We're so glad you're here! 

To book your newborn portrait session, contact me at jenni@jennirobertsphotography.com

Thursday, August 2, 2012

An AUSTIN Guide to Wearing Cowgirl Boots

If there is one thing an Austin Girl knows how to do, it is wear a pair of cowgirl boots! Google, however, seems completely unaware of this fact.

When I bought my boots a few weeks ago, I wanted to find some ideas about what outfits to wear with them. All Google could seem to find was picture of Hollywood Girls wearing boots that were probably from some fancy shmancy shoe store that knows nothing about boots.


I think it is high time the world heard from the experts on this subject matter! Turns out, y'all are the experts! It took me less than an hour to get almost 50 shots of awesome cowgirl boots outfits. (I call them cowgirl boots...we're not cowboys!)

Expert Example No. 1:
White or Black Sundress. Any color boot you want, although Brandi and I both have brown boots. Easy peasy to throw a denim jacket over it once we start moving into Fall. (Mine is crocheted even though you can't tell it in the photo. I think Brandi's was eyelet lace.)

Expert Example No. 2:
Daisy Dukes. C'mon - you know you wanna! If you're 16 (or still look like you are), go for it! Add an adorable bow in your hair and a cross-body, teal purse while you're at it! Other fun additions seen here: hippie-style crocheted top; floral collar necklace; bright sunglasses; lace trim; the ever-popular big, wavy hair!

Expert Example No. 3:
If Daisy Dukes are just a little too young for you, try the more grown up version - tailored white shorts. I seriously saw three different girls wearing white shorts with a blue chambray button up. All of them looked cute! 

Expert Example No. 4: 
Boots mixed with a current trend. For instance, a peplum top. This is a peplum top: 
See how it's got the little flouncy bit at the bottom? That's what makes it peplum. She's freakin' adorable. 

Neon, of course, is also in. And who'da thunk it would work so well with cowboy boots? 
Clever girl. Silly boy in the background, though!

I don't know if these quite count as neon, but I'm gonna go with it. 

Moving on! 

Expert Example No. 5: 
The sundress. Anybody can pull this off...I mean, like, anybody! And that is partly because ANY sundress will work and party because it's just that good a look. 
Bonus wisdom: Ladies, this is a look the boys understand. Some of them may be confused by pink shorts and turquoise top (even though it's awesome). But if it's a cowboy you're trying to catch, this look is the bait. You're welcome.

Expert Example No. 6: 
Frills. Frill it up! A lacey dress and high heels is probably a little frou-frou for most girls. But if you feel the need to pile on ruffles and lace up top, balance it with a snakeskin boot and nobody will mistake you for a cream puff. It's a look that's sweet and tough at the same time...perfect for a Texas Girl! 

Another favorite example: 
Note the crossbody bag with zippers to close everything up. If you're going to a concert, get one! You won't spend the night worrying if the person next to you is rifling through your open purse while you enjoy the show, and it won't slide off your shoulder. 

Oh! I can't believe I almost forgot the hot pink ruffles! 
What a cute smile to go with her cute outfit! 

I'm also going to count sequins in with the frills. Please wear sequins with your cowboy boots! 

Expert Example No. 7: 
These ladies look like they've been shopping in Fredericksburg! The shops out there start mixing their Southern and their Western and I love the result. This is definitely a Hill Country way to wear your boots!

Expert Example No. 8: 
Another example of cowgirl boots eliminating the "too sweet" factor: gingham. I always feel a little bit Wizard of Oz when I try on anything with a gingham print, but this girl's handmade dress drew me in the second I saw it! I was actually on my way to another girl and got sidetracked by the sunny color. Love it.

Expert Example No. 9: 
Animal Print. This is sort-of a reversal of the snake skin boots and ruffles! I'm not convinced it would work with zebra, but I think the leopard looks great. Little bit unexpected. 

Expert Example No. 10: 
I'm not sure what you call this style of dress, but I like how it's showcasing the boots. This would probably count as a current trend. I'm fairly certain it would look dumb on me, but I think this girl is pulling it off quite nicely. 

Expert Example "The Final Word"
Saved my favorite for last. We stopped this girl as she was running across the venue. Saw the flash of turquoise, leather, lace and glitter and said, "I need THAT one!" Even though the girl seemed to be in a hurry, she very sweetly stopped and posed for us. 
 My initial thought was, "Dangit! Why didn't I think to coordinate my boots and my sunglasses?!" 

Then later when she got up on stage to open for Randy Rogers, I thought something along the lines of "Wha?! No way!! Cool!!" I knew her music already, but didn't recognize her with her sunglasses on.

This is Ms. Kacey Musgraves. She is, obviously, super cute and clearly has no issues figuring out how to wear a pair of cowgirl boots! She has an album coming out sometime soon, but until then you can (and should!) listen to her songs on her website. Click the Enter the Website link, and then on Music. There's a bunch of songs.

So no more excuses! Break out the cowgirl boots and wear them with...well, pretty much whatever you please! 

Just wear it like you stole it.

P.S. - If you are one of the experts in the shots, leave us a comment and tell us where to shop your look!