Sunday, April 24, 2011

It Looks Good...

...and I put a lot of work into it. It's a chocolate pie. With a homemade crust (the Pioneer Woman's recipe) and homemade filling (the Belle Jim's recipe) and a homemade meringue (Barefoot Contessa's recipe).

The crust was good just like always, and the filling is really good (even though I forgot the butter and vanilla). And the meringue tasted great before I put it on the pie. It tasted like marshmallows. But then I put it on the pie, baked it and served it up.

And it tasted like salt.

I have no idea how that happened. I don't know what would have changed the taste. But I will not be taking the second one to work tomorrow. Does anyone know how to make a good meringue?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Portraits!

I had one upset little girl on my hands this Saturday!

Mata's momma just wanted some pictures of her with her two cousins - all two-year olds! Mata was NOT having it. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth and clinging to Momma for the first twenty minutes or so.

So we took some photos of her cousins who were troopers even though the weather was hot and I know they must've been really sweaty under those pretty Easter clothes!

The sweet little spot we picked for their portraits was in downtown Georgetown. I hope I get to shoot here again! It had the sweetest pink roses all down one side of the building. We took a minute to smell them:

Cousin Abbey was apparently not worried by the camera. Looks to me like this isn't her first rodeo...errr...Easter egg hunt?
BTW - don't you just love Easter dresses? Mine definitely needs more flowers on it!

Anna's mom was worried about the wind blowing her nice, curled hair around, but I think she looks gorgeous rockin' the windswept look:

Her brother's faux-hawk didn't move an inch the whole time!

So after a few minutes to check things out and some hugs from her older sister:

...Mata was ready to at least sit still in front of the camera. We didn't get any smiles, but luckily, she's got gorgeous big eyes that look really sweet when they're all shiny from tears. (Who knew I was so scary?!)
And we didn't even mention her gorgeous full lips and long, black lashes!

One of the dads made a run for some gatorade while the girls changed out of their dresses. But I couldn't stop shooting (especially since the cool drinks perked the kids up quite a bit!)

Don't they just look like summer? They make me want to go to the lake!

I'll be in town the Saturday before Easter, so if you've got cousins in town let's get together and capture YOUR memories! Email me at

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Little East Texas

Did you know that in East Texas...

...the pine trees are really tall and the cows are camera-shy?

Did you also know that in East Texas...

...around April, you can pick your own fresh strawberries right out of a strawberry field? And that it is for some reason impossible to make yourself stop picking strawberries (but that one looks so good!), and you'll always end up with about 4 more pounds than you could possibly eat before they go bad?

And lastly, did you know that in East Texas...

...there lives a sister named Brandi who bakes really good bread and pies?

Now you know East Texas a little better.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Mr. Hudson Hogg turns one year old this week! I've been blessed to get to help document his first year. Here's a little taste of each portrait session with some new photos at the bottom.

This ended up being one of my favorites from his very first photo shoot. He's wearing one of his dad's baby outfits, and he just looks so sweet! (Which makes sense, seeing as he IS so sweet!)

We got together again for some more portraits at 4 months old. He visited us at our house to take these.

We somehow missed doing eight month portraits, but we did get together to take some Christmas portraits of him and his mom and dad.
We could really tell he was all boy at this shoot, since he was waaay more interested in picking/eating the grass than smiling for pictures.

And finally...his one-year portraits!! Momma and Grinna (what they call Meagan's mom) were there to keep him entertained and smiling, as well as executing several wardrobe changes.

We've had so much fun with you this year, Hud! Happy Birthday!

If you'd like a similar "First Year" package, email me at (Makes a GREAT shower gift!)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jacob & Kelly

Their engagement portraits are done! Here are my favorites:

Oh! Aren't they so cute?! Can't wait to shoot the wedding!