Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fourteen More Shopping Days...

...until My Birthday!! (yes it is supposed to be capitalized.) So this is the last weekend in January and next week will officially start birthday month. In anticipation, I decided to compile a Birthday Wish List. However, I found one thing that I really want and so it is not so much a Birthday Wish List as it is a single Birthday Wish.

Let's get started.

This past fall, Lonny Magazine Online featured the JK Place Italian hotel chain. When I blow out my birthday candles, I will be picturing this:

It's their Capri location. Spending a few days (or months?) here would just tickle this Birthday Girl pink! Isn't that what Birthdays are for?

Here's how it would go:

I'd start my day with a little breakfast:
It's included in the cost of my room anyway. Isn't that just the classiest? JK Place doesn't like to nickel and dime their guests over a grapefruit.

And then, with a view like this from my bathtub, you better believe I'm going to take my time getting ready for my day!

The rest of the morning might be spent doing whatever there is to do in Capri. Or I might just decide to spend it here on my private balcony reading a book. It would have to be a super classy book - like Confessions of a Shopaholic. Or Shopaholic Ties the Knot. Which one is classier?

I'll have lunch and dinner both here, in the dining room. After dinner I may just sit here and watch the stars twinkle over...whatever body of water that is.

Of course, we could also do that in our private sitting room:
We'll need two chairs, though, if Michael is going to sit with me.

I think this would be just a lovely Birthday Gift.

Of course, if Capri doesn't sound appropriate, then there's always the Florence location!

If Capri is booked, I would accept this substitution.

I just checked availability and Florence is available on My Birthday! How perfect is that? And it can be ours for the low, low price of ... whoa!!

5,600 Euros per night!! Do you know how many dollars that is?! Google says it comes to $7625.52. PER NIGHT!!!

What a deal, right?

I mean, it includes breakfast.


It better include a bucket of cash, too!

With a bow.

Maybe this would be a more appropriate gift for my Thirtieth Birthday.

Monday, January 24, 2011

All Rested Up...

...and ready to show off! Meet Haven.

We actually did two separate shoots for Haven. The first time we met, there was just too much excitement and falling asleep took a long time! So we got some awake and headed back for some sleepy pictures.

A warm fire and a snuggly blanket ended up doing the trick the first time. (I'm sure a full belly didn't hurt either!) We did end up getting a few in front of the fire:

And some more in a bucket. Yup. In a bucket. Where else would you store a baby? It's certainly less awkward than most baby carriers.

But we just couldn't get enough of Miss Haven, so we headed back this past Saturday for another hour or so of shooting. This time, she went straight to sleep and just about let us move her around as much as we wanted.

She didn't even object to playing dress up.

She's just blissfully unaware of us cooing over how much she's rocking the tutu look.

And lastly, I can never resist a tiny feet shot:

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love It!

There was a girl at church today dressed just about exactly like this:

It made me very happy. She was so cute! So what do you think? Should I be a little more daring with my personal style, or leave the sequined dress and converse look to the 13 year olds? (Who, by the way, totally rocked the look!)

Also - I created the "look" above on polyvore. Found it on the Pioneer Woman's blog. Such fun! Just follow the links to play around with your own looks!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Miss Haven... sooo sleepy because we made her take so many pictures today! She's going to take a nap and then we'll show you some more tomorrow.

Monday, January 10, 2011


One of the good things about being married is having someone to holler, "Smells good!" from the living room while you're cooking in the kitchen.

So like, to that picture, Michael:

...would say, "Mmm, smells good!"

That is unless he says, "Hmmmm, what's that smell?"

Sometimes he says that.

P.S. That's not our couch. That's not even our house. Our couch has no flowers.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Let's Take a Vote

Okay - so Brandi got me a very cute ruffled shirt and a sweater to go over it for Christmas.

But I wasn't smart enough to figure out the ruffle.

So I exchanged it for this shirt:

Kept the sweater. It's navy blue.

So my question is: can I wear it with these pants or does it look weird? The pattern is a sherbert-y shade of orange and, like, the exact same color khaki as those pants. What do you think? Does it look okay?

Also, it took a surprisingly long time to get a good picture of me in those pants. I thought I liked them...

Also, I have some really good Banana Republic coupons that I have vowed not to allow myself to use if anyone is interested.

I will NOT go shopping today...I will NOT go shopping today...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meet the Newest Muskrat!

I think you probably remember the maternity pictures I posted of my friend Heather Muskrat a little while back.

Well, Mr. Jacob Andrew Muskrat has now made his debut! Since they are currently in exile in Arkansas, we didn't get to be with them immediately after he was born. But we did finally get to meet him a week ago when we met Heather, Andy and Jacob in Salado. (They were visiting H's family in Waco for Christmas.)

We had some bbq and cuddled the baby and caught up. We always have fun with them.

Meet the Muskrat family!

Jacob slept almost the whole time.

He woke up to eat and then went straight back to sleep. Rough life, eh?

At one point, Jacob got a little shy and tried to disappear into his onesie.

There was some debate as to whether it is okay for a boy (even if he is a sweet, little, cuddly baby boy) to wear bows on any part of his outfit.
The boys say definitely not. But who's gonna argue with Momma?

It was nice to meet you, Jacob!

(Don't worry! She won't make you wear bows forever!)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goats & Cow Patties & Sheep Dogs, Oh My!

About a week before Christmas, I got to go see my friends from home, the Jobs - the Jobs and their whoooole family! Mrs. Job's parents (yes, I still call her Mrs. Job) own a ranch out in Burnet and they asked me to come take family portraits while the whole crowd was assembled for Christmas.

These are the Jobs:
Well - kind of. Sam & Brenda Job and Jennifer (Job) & Josh Seale. You get the idea.

And this is the whole crowd:

Right? Biggest group I've ever photographed at once. It's surprisingly difficult to get everyone's faces unblocked and eyes unblinking and kids not crying. Especially when there are baby goats that Cal would rather be playing with and sheep dogs sniffing the photographer who is trying not to step in a cow patty.

It was quite the learning experience!

We started down at the barn where we got a shot of the whole group, and each family individually. I believe this one of Jen's grandparents is my favorite from that group:

The youngest, Cal was not really up for pictures.

There is way too much playing to be done on a ranch to be stopping for pictures!

The other kids were cold, but they were troopers!

Some of my favorites were out in the grass. I like the color here.

I also like this set. We've got the grandparents first with their own kids, then their grandkids and then their great grandkids.

So sweet! They should frame all three together.

And they're about to add one more great granddaughter! Jen's going to have a baby here shortly!
We can't wait to meet her!

Thanks for letting me come out guys!

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