Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sleepy Smilin' Sam

Of course, I have about one bazillion pictures of Sam I haven't put up. This is one of my favorites, 'cause he's smiling at me so sweet!

Michael took that picture. My camera is too heavy for selfies. It would at least sprain my wrist!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Backlog Breaker #1 - Going to the Chapel

I have so much new(ish) work that I'm proud of, and I can't believe I haven't share it here! Hardly anyone has seen some of what I have to show you!

But I'm gonna start with something that some of y'all have already seen. Back in May I did a second styled shoot with Posh Bridal Lounge and a number of other vendors whom I will list for you at the bottom! But I just need to get some photos up and so here's the long and short of it!

We created a little wedding vignette based on the idea of a church wedding with a little glamour.

For example, we had Dessert Divas create some fancy mini-desserts and then displayed them on an heirloom style piece of furniture.

After perusing Signature Bridal's selection of dresses, we very reluctanly narrowed it down to two gowns. This one won out because, besides being beautiful, it also looked stylish and young, but had the sheer neckline to give a little modesty. (Appropriate for a church wedding!)

I love that this church still has pews. I get that the individual seats actually end up seating more people, but I am for pews! They're so much more aesthetically pleasing. What I mean to say is, they're "purdy." Thank you Hyde Park Presbyterian for standing with me on that very important issue!

I am also for our florist adding honeysuckles that were blooming by her back door to our bouquet on a whim. Honeysuckles definitely belong in a bouquet for a church wedding.

If you love our bride's jewelry, it's all from Stella and Dot! Our stylist, Whitney, brought a ton of gorgeous stuff to choose from. It's a good thing I was very busy or I might've ended up buying most of it from her.

I want a cupcake. Specifically one with a handcrafted blue sugar flower on top.

I also considered making Furbish Rentals an offer on this settee. I could find somewhere for it! And I would sit on it just like that all the time. Probably in a gown with a train.

Now see, if churches quit using pews, how will we get this shot?

Newlyweds! (Okay, not really. We were just playing wedding. Just go with it.)

Going to the Chapel in Style! This is Hyde Park Presbyterian Church in Central Austin, and yes! They do rent the church for weddings!

Loooooove Akula Kreative's stationary suite. It was especially designed for us. She mailed it to my house before the shoot, and I was so excited to find something so pretty in my mailbox! If you want to get your guests excited about coming to your wedding, this would definitely get you started!

I think the only vendor I have left to thank is Erin at Rosehip Flora. I gave her a few ideas, but mostly told her our theme and just to "run with it!" Unless you have a super-specific idea of what you want, I think that's what you should do with your florist! It was so fun to see what she came up with!