Thursday, March 29, 2012


Rodeo. That's what that says up there. Just in an excited sort of way. 

So, like, three weeks ago now, Brandi and I continued our search for her a cowboy husband. And what better place than the biggest rodeo in the world?

There was bull riding, there were clowns, and mutton bustin'! But first, a fair! 

A fair in Texas means rides and games:

 It means good food: 

More specifically, it means fried stuff: 

Oh yes. We did. What looks like corn dogs with mayonnaise there on the bottom left, (I love them dang things) is actually one order fried snickers and one order fried cookie dough. When I order the cookie dough, I was picturing something more like the size of a small hush puppy. That is not what I got. 

Also, never eat those things. You will only just barely be able to eat cotton candy an hour or so later at the actual rodeo. 

Of course I ate cotton candy, too. It's a rodeo! Rodeos mean cotton candy to me. Mal knows why! 

Okay, inside jokes aren't fair. It's not really so much a joke. We used to help her dad make the cotton candy at the Jasper rodeo. Good times. Sweaty and sticky, yes. But good. 

I used Brandi's fancy schmancy lense to get some pictures of the events at the rodeo: 

 And the main event, Zach Brown Band! 

The stage rotated, which was fun for me since all my pictures didn't have to look the same!

I don't know what song they were playing here, but they sure were having a good time! 

And so were we!

And this picture I just like cause of the way the lights are going different ways. Interesting leading lines and stuff: 

Anybody else a fan of the rodeo? Maybe I'll see you there next year!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fashion Blogger for a Day

This is not a fashion blog. Main reason is that I'm not terribly fashionable. I like gray t-shirts. And gray sweaters. I have a lot of gray clothes.

But today I am Fashion Blogger Jiffer. Me and Brandi went shopping, and I thought, I can take pictures of clothes like those other girls do. So I tried.

This is what I came up with:

Turns out it's harder than it looks. Especially when your camera doesn't have a live-view function so you can see where you are pointing it.

I changed my tactics and came up with something a little more useable, even though I have camera face. 

So - fashion  blog - ready...go!
 I didn't end up buying this top, because I have Banana Republic Wednesday coupons, and if I have just a little patience, I can get it for at least 40% off.

I do like it despite the very sad face I seem to be making in the picture. (I was just trying really hard not to make my normal camera face. It ain't pretty. Sad is definitely an improvement!) 
I bought this shirt, but in a different color. (I did buy the one hanging on the door in the background though. Forgot to take a picture!)

Here's the one I ended up buying: 
Do you like my attempt at modeling, there? And my big, Houston-humidity hair? This was the least silly of several very silly photos that were taken outside Brandi's apartment. The others are deleted. You'll never see them.

Back to fashion, though. I bought that outfit specifically because it looked like something Lemon Breeland would wear on Hart of Dixie. She dresses kinda crazy sometimes, but I love it and it's different than all my other stuff. Also, we searched all day for white pants that were see through or just plain old ridiculous. Thank you, Dillards, for stocking normal white pants. 

Sadly, I also left this pink blazer behind. I had pinned one just the day before our shopping trip, but I just don't think my boss is quite ready for hot pink suiting. So I skipped it. 

Also, Brandi was taking that picture and got distracted right as she was supposed to be snapping it. So I stood there in front of that mirror admiring myself for a good 30 seconds before I realized there was no picture being taken. True story. 

Pretty scarves. 

I really wanted to buy this purse at Fossil, but it was $200. So I just had them hold it for me. (Makes me feel like it's mine for a little while!) But I texted Michael anyway and said, "Can I buy a $200 purse?" I immediately got a phone call with no greeting at all - just a "Are you joking?" Poor thing. Gave him a heart attack! 

I love the chevron pattern on this dress, but it ended up looking like a little girl's dress when I put shoes on with it. Which it kind of was. We were in the junior's department. I really don't belong there anymore, but every once in a while, I try to go back. It's not usually a good experience!

Now, these next photos will take a little explaining. The main reason for me going to Houston was to go see Zac Brown Band at the rodeo. (More on that later) But Brandi also decided we should go see Rock 'n Roll and Tutus at the ballet. It sounded fun and I thought we should probably wear some kind of rock 'n roll ballet outfit. Brandi bought a really cool coat with some tulle going on at Spice in Waco, but I didn't have an outfit yet. So I gave these a twirl: 

I might get a little more excited about work clothes if there were more sequins and tulle involved! 

In the end it's probably a good thing I didn't buy either of those. We didn't end up going to the ballet. It rained:

 Our hair was fuzzy:
 We wanted to sit on the couch. 

Also, just for those of you who don't know me, I wasn't really going to wear either of those dresses. I's just kiddin'. 

Whew!! This is a long one! I do have a couple more pictures to show you though. Hang in there! You don't have to read the text. I know you're probably not anyway. It's not like there's a huge prize at the end if you can answer a question from the text. 

Or is there?! 

Okay - have you been to Beholden? It's beautiful and crazy. It's some regular designer clothes and some wedding dresses. 

And some shoes with bows. 
Or hearts if you want to go a little more literal with the love theme for your wedding: 

One important shopping tip is to keep your blood sugar up. Nobody wants to shop with a Grumpy Gus. 

Cupcakes are really the best way to do this. 
 That's our cupcake and milk. 

 That's our cupcake after about 30 seconds. There was marshmallow cream inside. It never really had a chance. 

 Wowsa. I was feeling very chatty tonight! Aw, look at that. Turns out there is not a prize for reading all the text. Could be next time, though! Keep reading and growing!