Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year! Same Me.

Whew! January is kinda wearing me out. Not because of the five-month-old at my house. (although, yeah, that too.) Not because I have sooo much going on with photography (a manageable amount, I'd say.) Certainly not because of the new thrice daily exercise regiment I've started. ('cause I haven't.)

It's because everybody wants me to be a new me this month! Whew! Y'all, I love lists and goals and exciting new projects, but I am gonna have to take a break from all the excitement that everyone has for January right now! If I only had one website/Facebook page/blog/tv show/whatever that was pumping me up for a new year, I could get behind that. Even two would be alright! But I follow so many blogs and pages and etcetera, that my eyes are getting a little crossed with all the (slightly) different ways for me to be new this month!

I was kind-of okay with the me I was in December.

I think I'll keep going with that me.

Something that encouraged me in this was our first Sunday School lesson for the year. We talked about a list of people Paul greeted in one of his letters. (sorry! I was holding Sam, not sure which letter it was!) He had a little description of each person that he held so dear as to send a greeting to. Several were described as hardworkers, faithful friends or servants of the Lord. Not a flashy miracle worker or water walker or famous blogger among them. Our teacher described them as getting up and doing the faithful thing. Every. Day. That relaxed me a little bit. I don't have to worry about making 2014 my most exciting year ever! It will be plenty exciting and wonderful if I just do the faithful thing. Every. Day.

Now if I had gotten to shower today then I would maybe put up a picture of me being the same 'ol me. However, this little booger:

is getting teeth. And apparently that requires constant companionship. It's hard working, getting teeth. So I played with him instead. Luckily he doesn't mind a little stankity stank. I'll shower later.

Love y'all! New year! Same you!! Have fun with it!

God bless y'all!