Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My New Favorite Picture

It's my baby smiling at me. We took that picture a couple weeks ago. He's even bigger and more smiley now! He smiles at me every morning when he wakes me up at 5:00.

It sure is a good thing he's cute.

You may have noticed that my new favorite picture includes no buckets or baby costumes or any elaborate props. I'm not saying that those photos aren't cute, and if you're a new mom who has it together enough to get ready for that involved of a photo shoot, more power to you! For me, I was rather proud that my shirt was spit-up free. (Although I can usually Photoshop some spit-up if need be!)

I have always liked my "lifestyle" type newborn sessions the best, and now that I have been on the other side of the lens, I like them even more! I know it sounds like a lot of work to get ready for pictures, but for these types of photos, all you really need is a burp rag and your sweet baby. We'll focus on things like how he sucks in his bottom lip when he sleeps instead of getting his head propped up just so! If you're like me, it's these little details and sweet traits that you want to remember anyway.

So if you've got a little sweetie at your house that you're wanting a few shots of, I am ready to start shooting portraits again! You can email me at to make an appointment.

Now I'm gonna go shut my eyes for ten seconds before Sam needs me again!

God bless, y'all!