Friday, November 9, 2012

Texas Music and Stuff....Titles Are Hard at 2:00 AM

4:00 this afternoon: Day Job. Day Job. Day Job. (Thank you, God, for my Day Job! But seriously...whew!) 

4:30: On the road again. Mopac. Mopac. Mopac. Sun in my eyes. People in my way. Brodie. Brodie. Brodie and some more Brodie Lane. Dear Lord, did Brodie get longer between the time I left the house this morning and the time I headed back from work? 

5:30ish: Fastest shower ever in the history of the world. Just a few more minutes...Makeup. Why does my hair look like that?! Michael says it looks fine and I do not, after all, look like a man. Hm. That's not what the mirror said.

6:20: I wanted to be on the road already! Why did I take such a long shower?! ATM. Keep an eye out for muggers. What do muggers look like? Is that guy a mugger? Guess not. On the road again. 

6:50: Okay, technically not late. Park in shady back corner of parking lot. Hm. Good thing my car looks completely trashed. Nobody wants any of the crumpled receipts in my floorboards. Or the mud. Yes, there's still mud on the mats from a month ago. I'm gonna get on that...

7:00: Ahhhhhhhhh. Breeze. Texas music. Hundred-year-old oaks. Dangit, Hill's Cafe. Dangit KOKE FM. I was completely prepared to move away from Austin while driving down Mopac earlier. 

Guess I'll stay. I mean, come on...wouldn't you?

This place is just a few minutes from my house. 

And tonight the Trishas were there singing. So was Sunny Leigh Shipley (and her husband...his name's Jordan. You might have heard of him. Whatevs.) That's Doug Moreland's fiddle in the top right. 

Monte Warden is there in the middle. He wrote George Strait's "Desperately." (Desperately...I long to feel your touch! But you left me all alooooone in love!) Good stuff. 

Jason Allen is up on the left there. He's from New Braunfels. You can hear him at Gruene Hall soon. 

I ended up with about 400 photos from tonight. And I made a conscious effort not to take too many! Only 400 shows quite a bit of restraint. But as long as it took me to narrow the collection down to my favorites, picking a fiddle shot might've been the hardest. I like fiddle. And Doug seems to have a lot of fun playing it.

If you live around Manchaca, you can go chuck some pumpkins with him at his chainsaw carving shop tonight.

Yes you read that sentence correctly. Yes. The whole thing. 

1:36 a.m.: Sleepy. Gonna hate myself for staying up this late in a few hours. Glad I blogged these photos anyway. They make me smile.

Come be in my pictures next week! More free music at Hill's Cafe next Thursday courtesy of KOKE FM!  It's good times..just look how much fun the Trishas are having: