Tuesday, July 31, 2012

JifferDoodle Hooked on KOKE ... FM, that is.

It's true! There are not a whole lot of things that can make me laugh while I'm driving through downtown at 7:30 every morning, but Bob making a sound like a turkey who has met with a particularly large Texas mosquito might just be enough. 

Actually I'm laughing right now just thinking about it.

So the good folks at the new (sort-of)  KOKE FM radio heard about what an amazing photographer I am, and how enthusiastic a worker I am and how I'm a great bargain...like for reals a great bargain.

That they heard all of this from me doesn't seem like an important piece of information, right? 

No matter who they heard it from, we set up a day for me to come and photograph them doin' what they do. 

Okay, here's the story. Me and Michael used to listen to Bob's radio show. Meet Bob: 

He looks like a fun guy, right? It's true, he's delightful. 

But months passed. No Bob. We didn't know where he'd gone. Coulda been anywhere. 

Turns out, he went to North Austin and bought himself a little radio station with some friends.

Meet Bob's friends: 

First there's Jason. 

He's a lawyer...but I think you'd like him anyways. He often embraces opportunities to embarass his friends, but in a charming sort of way. He sits in the middle. That's probably indicative of some sort of prestige, right? Probably.

We've also got Scott: 

He lies about knowing how to run a Facebook page. Nah - that's too harsh. Learning as he goes...yeaaaah. Let's go with that. You'd like him, too. Nice smile.

If you live in Austin, you probably know the next face:

It's Mr. Troy Kimmel. He actually gets the weather right sometimes. I mean, most days it's gonna be hot and sunny here. But I remember one time he said it was gonna rain...and it did. Mad skillz.

Then we have the lady of the group, Ms. Andi. 

She claims the boys didn't warn here there would be a photographer in the studio that morning, but I'm gonna tell you right now I wouldn't look anywhere close to that cute getting up as early as she has to! Plus, she's the only girl on the show. She looks petite, but she's clearly a tough lady. 

And lastly, there is Eric:
He seems to be the brains behind the operation. I mean, look at all those buttons. I have no idea if they're hooked up to anything, but he was sliding them around and stuff...looked impressive.

They just started broadcasting a few weeks ago. They're still getting things figured out, but it's fun to listen to them work it out. 

They talk about actual news (local and national), and Texas music and the size of Bob's biceps. 

Their conversations roam all over the place every morning, as do the many faces of Bob: 

 But even with all the variety, they almost never talk about Britney Spears, which I really appreciate. 

In addition to not talking about Britney Spears, they never play Britney Spears. They play stuff like Guy Clark, and Randy Rogers Band, and Armadillo Road and Willie Nelson. It's good times, their music format. I hear songs every day that I've never heard before. Now, seriously, what other radio station can you say that about? 

But you don't have to take my word for it! Locals can listen at 99.3 and 98.5 FM. But even my Russian readers can listen to KOKE FM, 'cause you can go to their website and click the Listen Live button. If you turn that on and then look at these last few photos, you'll feel like you're in the studio with them. 

 Awwww, KOKE, I'm glad you're on the air! And I'm glad you need cheap labor right now!

See y'all next time!

Monday, July 23, 2012

So Many Feet!

And let me tell you, with twins, one set of feet or the other are always wiggling! 

This was my first session with twins and it was so fun! I think the most impressive part was watching Mom & Dad tag team! I would imagine that goes on pretty much 24/7! 

Two outfits to change, two babies to rock to sleep, two babies to swaddle, two babies to calm down when they decide they do NOT want to share a basket for pictures and are going to tell the whole neighborhood! 

Two babies to snuggle, two babies to kiss, two babies to love! 

We took a little time to get some shots of each girl by herself. 

They did great and we got some really sweet shots of some really sweet girls. God bless you both!!

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Nailed It

I found a recipe on pinterest for cupcakes and icing that I wanted to try. It looked delicious! So I went grocery shopping, came home and mixed up the cupcakes. First batch came out very tasty. Second batch, came out like this: 

It was not a chocolate cupcake recipe. 

They were supposed to look like the yellow ones in the background. 

What the heck happened, you ask. Well, having found one tasty recipe on Pinterest, I popped the second batch in and got back on Pinterest to find some more. 

Then I forgot about the Pinterest cupcakes I was making. 

And I forgot to set a timer to remind me to remember about the cupcakes. 

And I spent  a good 45 minutes looking at Pinterest things. 

They were hard as a rock! Totally inedible! Ha - oh Pinterest, I love ya! Even if you do make me burn cupcakes that it was your idea to bake in the first place!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

See My Boots? Like, For Real This Time!

A long, long time ago I wrote this post about how I wanted to buy some cowboy (cowgirl) boots. Since then, I have also pinned any number of boots and boots outfits on my pinterest boards. 

Seriously, it's been years since I've been talking about boots! 

But guess what!!
Now I have them!!!

Sidenote: I was all ready to buy my boots this Wednesday (4th of July). I looked way cuter than I do in the above photo. My hair was all did and I was wearing an actual, like, outfit. But Allen's was closed! So today I had to go buy them after a photo shoot which requires a pony tail. Also, my photographer (Michael) did a great job, but is not a whole lot of help in the 'how's my hair?' department. I'm just sayin' I was cuter on Wednesday. Take my word for it.

Back to the real story. 

The reason I bought my boots today is that we paid off one of my student loans on Monday! Boots were my reward. I guess Michael's reward was...the joy on my face when he bought me boots. 

When we first walked in, I was temporarily distracted by all the options...

I think especially so by the many options that had something to do with rhinestones.

Apparently there are a lot of rhinestone cowgirls walking around out there. 

But I had pretty much already picked mine out before I got to the store, and stuck mostly to the plan except I bought a lighter color. 

Partly because I had to have help getting the darker color off my foot. (It was a slightly different style)

She really almost fell over. It's her own fault though. I kept telling her I didn't think I could get them on, but she said to use the boot strap thingies and they're supposed to be tight. She believed me after she had to pull it off. 

Sidenote: Yes, I am wearing the boots right now. 

So, with no further ado, here's my boots! 

They're so prettttty, and sooooft and they smell gooood. 

Here's all the places they say Lucchese: 

Here's the front: 

Here's the back: 

Here they are on the porch swing: 

Here they are on me while I swing and Michael fiddles with the sprinkler: 

I could do this all night. I have, like, another fifty pictures.

Sidenote: Yes, I am going to sleep in them tonight. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Comes Love....

...then come engagement portraits!

Monica and Dustin are getting married next spring & wanted some portraits with which to announce that happy news! 

And when you want portraits, who ya gonna call? 

Jenni. That's who!

Okay, so the jingle is a work in progress. (I just took a four hour Sunday nap - I don't normally take naps that long. I'm feeling a little sluggish and silly.) 

So to avoid any more of my nerdiness, let's just take a look at some photos of the happy couple!! 

Our first stop was at the wedding venue they've picked out. It's so cute - down by the Salt Lick. It's called Creekside.

Got some nice shots down by the...well, by the creekside.

After that, we headed down to South Congress, with a pit stop at the Austin post card mural on S. 1st. 

I really love that one from the side. 

And this one over in front of that building:

Okay, NOW to SoCo!

I always try to take a few shots that are really more about the groom than the bride. I mean, the wedding tends to be all about the bride, but I suspect that she probably wants a few shots of her man, true?! Of course, true! 

South Congress is so full of great color that sometimes it's hard for me to want to make any of the photos black and white. But then I think it can really bring the focus to the couple instead of their surroundings. I like it.
But I do like the color in this shot: 

And of course, on South Congress, you get stuff like this:

Sidewalk artist painting a mural for a cause. I can't remember what the cause was. Artist, if you happen upon this blog, feel free to leave your cause in the comments!! We really appreciated you cool backdrop!!

Only in...

Can't wait for the wedding! Congratulations, Monica & Dustin!

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