Monday, November 29, 2010


I took these pictures a few weeks ago of my friend's (hopefully) new daughters. Shauna and Anthony are fostering these girls and hoping that they get to adopt them soon. It's a little bit of a long process, but the girls are theirs for now at least. They are soooo cute! Tanaya (the older one) was kind-of uninterested in pictures until I started taking pictures of Emily. Then she got very interested.

Their outfits, by the way, are GREAT examples of how to dress your kids for portraits. They compliment each other, but they're not perfectly matched. Emily's little ruffle is so cute and I looove the print on Tanaya's dress.

Miss Emily:

Miss Tanaya:


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ernest...errrr...Brandi Makes a Pie

Brandi and I both decided we wanted to make a pie for Thanksgiving this year. We've never really made pies before, so I thought I should take pictures. My instincts were correct.

Brandi made the Pioneer Woman's creamy apple pie.

She started out trying to peel apples.
Mom peeled 4 apples before Brandi had finished one.

This is not just a regular apple pie, so there was some other stuff to mix the apples with for the filling.

Then we rolled out the crust. Well, Brandi rolled out the crust while I laughed and took pictures.

If you'll notice, this crust is not shaped like a pie yet. I don't know if it was the crust or the..uh..the piemaker, but it took some finagling.

It was unclear at this point whether any amount of finagling was going to help this attempt at a pie.

She just mushed it around until it filled the dish. It worked out okay.

But ya know what? For all trouble she had getting it made, that pie was DELICIOUS!

In fact, Daddy just got into some leftovers and said, "I wish I could have some more of that salad." Mom said, "What salad?" Daddy, "Apple pie."

It's clear that Daddy is not used to sugar anymore. He's like a 4 year old that ate 3 bowls of Fruit Loops for breakfast.

We ended up with 4 pies! Brandi's apple pie, my chocolate pecan pie, Momma's sugar-free pecan pie (for Daddy), and the pumpkin pie that Michael requested (that one was frozen).

This picture makes me wish I had a big enough windowsill to cool a pie on.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Merry Little Memories

I'm completely ready for Christmas! I bought the very first of my gifts today. I can't tell you what it is because it's for Brandi and she reads this. But it's good!

I think what got me in the Christmas-y mood was this photo shoot last weekend. We invited our friends to come take their Christmas card photos and all the proceeds went to Family Link (, which is the adoption agency that our friends Shauna and Anthony are going through to (hopefully!) adopt the two little girls they are fostering right now. Here's a little of what we got out of it:

We had a lot of fun! It's not too late to take your own Christmas photos! You can email me at to set up a session.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

See My Boots?

Well, they're not my boots yet. But I live in Austin. I need cowgirl boots. Even though I'm not a cowgirl and the last time I rode a horse, I limped around like I'd been on a cattle drive for days afterward.

None of the boots I've picked out are going to fool anyone into thinking I'm a cowgirl anyway. Also the way I'm a little bit ascared of horses is a giveaway as well. They are HUGE!!

So here are the boots I have picked out in my daydreaming internet shopping for the evening.

I think these are the simplest ones that I picked out. I like how the toe on Old Gringo boots turns up just a little bit. And the heel is nice and high.

Apparently it's not only little kids that like red boots.

I kind of love these, but if I was going to spend this much money on boots, I would probably not pick embroidered ones. I feel like it would fray.

I would however pick these. They've got red on them, but they're not totally red. I like them. But I do already have some red shoes.

And my favorite (and I think the most expensive, go figure!)

The Turquoise Villa boot. I think they're perfect. Of course, if I did buy these, I would also need some boot cut jeans. And some kind of top that goes with boots. I don't know what that would be. I think a Western top would just end up looking like a costume on me. Plus I don't want to wear one. Plus Michael would laugh at me. Plus Michael is laughing at me right now while he's reading this over my shoulder. Plus I'm sleepy. Good Night!