Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jill & Dean's Engagement Little White Church Engagement Session

I loved everything about this session! First of all, Jill and Dean were so much fun, and if their marriage is anything like their engagement shoot, they will be laughing together a lot! I have a lot of shots like this one:

And more than a few like this one:

He hollers randomly. I think it's something akin to a love language. You don't have to understand it - Jill totally does, so it works.

In between cracking up and trying to get Dean to behave, we took the pretty pictures!

Another reason I loved this session is that Jill's family founded this little church out in Thorndale. She has wanted to get married there since she was little, but her guest list got too long and the small church can't accommodate everyone. So she decided that having their engagement portraits taken here would do.

Deep down roots, belly laughs and pinkie promises...that's what marriages are made of, right? Looks like that's what Jill's and Dean's will be made of!

Congratulations, Jill and Dean!

God bless y'all,


Monday, September 22, 2014

Three Happy People on a SeeSaw

While Michael toured D.C. a couple of weeks ago on a business trip, Sam and I spent the week in my equally exciting hometown of Jasper.

I mean, does D.C. have a Gammi and a Grandaddy who will not only seesaw with you, but also let your momma take a picture of them seesawing with you?

Or help you climb the wrong way up a slide over and over and over again?

Or swing with you? 

Or push you waaaaay high in the baby swing? 

Bonus: There is also an old twisty slide that goes way faster than the stupid new plastic ones. 

Nope. It does not. Jasper wins. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Throwback Tuesday

I'm mixing it up on y'all. We're throwing it back a little early in the week with some of my favorite images that I've ever taken.

They're special because they're some of my firsts. I took them in college for my one and only photography class at Baylor. All but one of them were taken on film and developed in a dark room, which I really miss. It was so slow. As far as workflow goes, I am grateful for digital cameras! But there's something about something that takes a little time...

I took this one at Mozart's here in Austin. Michael was already living here when I took my photography class, and I drove down one weekend to do a project. I like the conversation going on through the middle window. I caught that on purpose. Totally.

This one was also in Austin - there used to be an antiques store down at 24th and Lamar. The one with the Eiffel Tower in front? Why, oh why, did I not buy this dang top hat?! It was velvet. I love this photo, because you can tell it was shot on film.

Hymnals in the Pioneer Village behind the Mayborn at Baylor. I love it. I wish it was a real church. And I wish you could see which songs they're open to. I don't know if I even looked at that when I took it.

Something else I wish I had bought! At the time I thought it would've been silly to buy just one teacup, but I would drink from it every day and pretend like I am fancy if I had it now. I was proud at the time of my composition and how sharp the lady with the bustle is. Although, I actually had to do this shoot twice. I screwed it up bad the first time and came out with, well, nothing. Blanks. The second time was better. These were at Spice. I go there every time I drive through Waco if it's open.

I think about this picture all the time. It's the only one not taken on film, and I'm pretty sure I just took it with a point and shoot digital camera. The conditions must have been perfect. I love how simple it is. I've always thought of it as "quiet." It's just a quiet picture to me.

Just thinking about where I started.

God bless, y'all,