Sunday, August 9, 2009

I have discovered blogs, and it's just in time. Michael turned on a pre-season football game tonight. I cringed and then decided to ignore the TV and focus on the great pictures I found on pinkwallpaper and all the blogs she follows. I love blogs! They're like magazines, but they just never end with all the different links, and most of them post new entries almost every day.

I do like to watch TV with Michael, and once football starts he really doesn't want to watch anything else. Actually, sitting on the couch with Michael is one of my favorite things to do; feels cozy. (We're so boring!) So our new laptop and a few good blogs to follow came just in time to save my Sunday afternoons.

Now Michael is trying to teach me something about football. Doesn't even sound like English sometimes.

I'm not sure if there are rules about posting other people's pictures so I'm going to put some of my own and maybe some of the ones I've liked from the blogs I've looked at so far. The first one is a dress I bought to wear when Michael and I go to New Orleans in October. The next is my favorite bridal portrait that I took of Christina (Kincaid) Freeman. The last one is from a blog. (sorry I don't remember which one - must've been one that Pink Wallpaper follows) I want to have a party in our backyard that looks like this! Michael is going to be so annoyed when I make him help me hang lights like that! ;)

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