Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eat, Sleep, Eat, Sleep...

Kate and her sister, Meg, were here this weekend for Austin City Limits. They spent most of their time at the festival, but they had some time to hang out on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Saturday we went to El Arbol for dinner and shut it down. We were totally the last ones there and we still ordered dessert. I know the waitress was thinking, "Please say no! Please say no!" as she asked us if we saved room for dessert. Oh, yes. We did.

It was pretty dark there, so there are no pictures.

Then we came home, went to sleep, woke up and went to go eat some more. Cuz that's how we roll. Or that's how we get rolls...

We had brunch at Chez Zee and it was delicious. But first we had to wait for about an hour because word has apparently gotten around about the delicious brunch. So at first we played Connect 4. Well, they played Connect 4 and I took pictures.

At first, they made faces like, "Connect 4 is hard!"

Then I showed them those pictures, and they changed to, "I LOVE Connect 4!"

But we were fading. We were hungry. And then we were greeted by the restaurant's magician.

Oh heck yes, I did say the magician.

He walked up and said, "You guys look bored." And we were like, "Who is this guy?" And, since he's a magician, he read our minds and said, "I'm Brad, the magician." Oh sure. Of course there's a magician.

He was really entertaining! He even told us some of his tricks and told us to see if we could see them. We totally couldn't. Guessed wrong every time. But it was fun.

He started out well with asking Kate if anyone had ever told her she was psychic.

What?! Yes! I totally am!

And then she guessed which card was in the stack. Well - guessed is not the right word. She KNEW.

Then we went inside and ate. Inside there was a piano player playing the randomest songs. It was like a game. We guessed what songs he was playing and then we sang.

I'm so glad I'm the one with the camera!

Then we went back to the house and, you guessed it, took a nap. Yay!


  1. How come you never took me somewhere we could play Connect 4 and see a magician? Where there cowboys there?

  2. Looks like a fun time!