Thursday, March 29, 2012


Rodeo. That's what that says up there. Just in an excited sort of way. 

So, like, three weeks ago now, Brandi and I continued our search for her a cowboy husband. And what better place than the biggest rodeo in the world?

There was bull riding, there were clowns, and mutton bustin'! But first, a fair! 

A fair in Texas means rides and games:

 It means good food: 

More specifically, it means fried stuff: 

Oh yes. We did. What looks like corn dogs with mayonnaise there on the bottom left, (I love them dang things) is actually one order fried snickers and one order fried cookie dough. When I order the cookie dough, I was picturing something more like the size of a small hush puppy. That is not what I got. 

Also, never eat those things. You will only just barely be able to eat cotton candy an hour or so later at the actual rodeo. 

Of course I ate cotton candy, too. It's a rodeo! Rodeos mean cotton candy to me. Mal knows why! 

Okay, inside jokes aren't fair. It's not really so much a joke. We used to help her dad make the cotton candy at the Jasper rodeo. Good times. Sweaty and sticky, yes. But good. 

I used Brandi's fancy schmancy lense to get some pictures of the events at the rodeo: 

 And the main event, Zach Brown Band! 

The stage rotated, which was fun for me since all my pictures didn't have to look the same!

I don't know what song they were playing here, but they sure were having a good time! 

And so were we!

And this picture I just like cause of the way the lights are going different ways. Interesting leading lines and stuff: 

Anybody else a fan of the rodeo? Maybe I'll see you there next year!


  1. Um. I specifically sent you a photo of your scaredy face on the Ferris wheel for you to post here. Where is it? I demand a repost.
    Also, I think they were playing "Devil Went Down to Georgia" there!

  2. Yeah, that Ferris Wheel picture is too good not to post. I feel like I was there with you. And maybe I will see you there next year. Maybe I'll just go with. Great pictures!