Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year! Same Me.

Whew! January is kinda wearing me out. Not because of the five-month-old at my house. (although, yeah, that too.) Not because I have sooo much going on with photography (a manageable amount, I'd say.) Certainly not because of the new thrice daily exercise regiment I've started. ('cause I haven't.)

It's because everybody wants me to be a new me this month! Whew! Y'all, I love lists and goals and exciting new projects, but I am gonna have to take a break from all the excitement that everyone has for January right now! If I only had one website/Facebook page/blog/tv show/whatever that was pumping me up for a new year, I could get behind that. Even two would be alright! But I follow so many blogs and pages and etcetera, that my eyes are getting a little crossed with all the (slightly) different ways for me to be new this month!

I was kind-of okay with the me I was in December.

I think I'll keep going with that me.

Something that encouraged me in this was our first Sunday School lesson for the year. We talked about a list of people Paul greeted in one of his letters. (sorry! I was holding Sam, not sure which letter it was!) He had a little description of each person that he held so dear as to send a greeting to. Several were described as hardworkers, faithful friends or servants of the Lord. Not a flashy miracle worker or water walker or famous blogger among them. Our teacher described them as getting up and doing the faithful thing. Every. Day. That relaxed me a little bit. I don't have to worry about making 2014 my most exciting year ever! It will be plenty exciting and wonderful if I just do the faithful thing. Every. Day.

Now if I had gotten to shower today then I would maybe put up a picture of me being the same 'ol me. However, this little booger:

is getting teeth. And apparently that requires constant companionship. It's hard working, getting teeth. So I played with him instead. Luckily he doesn't mind a little stankity stank. I'll shower later.

Love y'all! New year! Same you!! Have fun with it!

God bless y'all!



  1. doodle, you just fine the way you are ... ain't no need for no new nothing

    Tell Sam I said "Hey !" and give him a kiss for me

  2. (Reading this a bit late.)

    We all have days of "stankity stank" and that's alright. :)