Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sam is Grown.

He's off to college next week. He may be the only one there crawling, but he seems so old now! Here's his first month by month picture:

Look how skinny! Oh my goodness he's so cute.

And now here he is in his six month pics!

Wait - this takes a little explaining. Sam loves his yellow lamp. He wants to get it sooooo badly almost every time we sit down in that chair. His six-month photo session was no exception. He knocked everything else off the table, and then went for the lamp...with everything he's got!

Those shots are cute, but they don't show the 6 on his shirt, and I was getting nowhere with sitting him down and trying to redirect his attention. He's a very focused little boy.

So I gave him the lamp. I know - Mom of the Year. I did unplug it at least.

And just look how happy he is! I have bought that child toys. Y'all have bought that child toys! Looks like Fisher Price has missed the mark on what babies actually want. I don't think anything in the world could've made Sam happier at that moment than getting his hands on that dang lamp!

Except maybe getting it in his mouth.

That's where the photo shoot ended. Gotta draw the line somewhere.


  1. absolutely precious!

  2. He is definitelymy very most favorite.

  3. I just keep chuckling when I see that picture. Sam is one determined little fellow when he decides he wants to do something.
    He's my very most favorite too.