Thursday, May 15, 2014

What I Do

A wise person recently told me that no one is going to book me if they don't know what I do. 

I know almost nothing else about this person except for that he said that and that I was pretty. I don't care who it comes from, that is nice to hear even if you are covered in bananas and/or rice cereal and it's clearly being said to cover the initial "ew" face that he made. I will take it and thank you very much for it. 

I would've thought the first thing was smart anyway. I don't have a huge advertising budget, but Facebook is free, right? While I don't want to be the person who is constantly reminding you that you need photos or offering a bi-daily special that nobody is paying any attention to, I do actually get the question, "Now what do you do?" a lot. So here it is. 

I am a wedding & portrait photographer. See? 

The next question people ask me is "what's your style?" 

Ohhh, I'd say I'm mostly Southern with a little bit of "street" thrown in. You know how it is. 

Just kidding. Seriously, I should start blogging earlier in the day before I get stupid. 

My wedding style is called fine art photography. That sounds like I'm just saying that I'm kind-of fancy pants. I totally am fancy, but that's not what it means. 

A fine art wedding photographer combines candid shots that capture the important moments of your day with more stylized, directed shots that convey the emotion and thoughtfulness that have made your day the unique experience that it is. 

While I hope you completely forget about me during your ceremony, I’ll step-in during your first portrait session as husband and wife to position you in the best light, so that it looks like you’re basking in the glow of your brand new marital bliss, and turn you just so, to present you as the sweetest, happiest couple ever, while also ensuring that your dress drapes perfectly around you. Lighting, composition, color, movement and mood – I’ll use all of these things to create a cohesive, artful collection of images that conveys who you are as a brand new married couple.

Brides often ask if I have a standard set of shots that I make sure I catch at each wedding. Why yes, yes I do! I won't write out the whole list for you here, but it consists of the big moments. The bride walking down the aisle, the kiss, first dance...all those "memory maker" moments. Then there are those details you've agonized over for the past year! You agonized over these because you wanted your wedding to represent the two of you as a couple. I get that. And I'll get those shots! 

But shooting an actual wedding is different than shooting for a magazine spread! You have a ton of family and/or friends who showed up to celebrate with you! We can't risk letting you forget your uncle tearing up the dance floor, your college roommate catching the bouquet or your sweet flower girl twirling her little heart out! 

I like bold color. 

Sometimes I like black and white. 

I love to shoot getting ready photos! 

I'll let you know if your bra strap is hanging out. 

I hope you picked awesome shoes. I love a good shoe shot.

I can design a custom wedding album for you.

I can help you choose canvases for a gallery wall if you prefer. 

So that gives you a good idea of my wedding style. We'll cover portraits another day. I hope that answers at least your first two questions! Call me if you have more!

God bless, y'all! 



  1. Love this, Jenni! I am so happy to know you and know your personally up close and personal ;D so excited to see where God leads you in this industry! :) Always rootin' for you, friend! <3 Kara

  2. Thanks Kara! That means a lot to me! I have loved getting to know you, too!

  3. You're a great family photographer, too! Love the shots you took of our kiddos running down the lawn and posed on that retaining wall. :)