Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Pictures and More to Come!

My daddy told me that when I was little I was perfectly content to play by myself for long stretches. Sometimes he'd get to wondering where I was and Momma would say, "She's off somewhere doing Jenni things."
Who knows how true that story is. You can never be sure with Daddy - Momma can't even always tell when he's making stuff up. True or not - it's a good story and I can see it being true.

Tonight is my first truly free night in about three weeks. I am at home doing Jenni things. Michael is at choir and I have free reign of the TV (Gilmore Girls - on pause while I cook), the computer (Miranda Lambert's Myspace page - Me and Charlie Talkin') and blogspot (obviously) and what I eat for dinner (cheesy mac - mmm yum!)
It is so relaxing to be in my pj's with nowhere to go, but the stuff I've been doing for the past three weeks has also been wonderful. I don't have pictures from all of it, but I do have some from the DNow I led this past weekend. What sweet, fun girls I had! Mine was the 10th grade girls group and I had such a good time with them! I think they were the easiest DNow group I've ever had. They participated; they were nice to each other; they had great attitudes the entire weekend! Seriously - not one grump among them, not even in the morning. And our hosts were just so sweet to me and the girls both. DNows can be really - ummm - sanctifying! experiences, but sweet is just the best way to describe my weekend. Thanks girls, thanks hosts, thank you, Jesus!

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