Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Friend Flashback

Okay - I haven't taken any new pictures this week so I'm going to post some old ones that I like. Here we go!

This is my friend Christina:

She let me take her bridal pictures last year.

She's been married for about a year now and living in Virginia. Their wedding was one of the most memorable that I've ever been to! Her fiance was already in the navy at the time and they would never really commit to when they were going to give him leave. So they were sort-of on standby for their wedding for a couple of months. When they finally found out when he would be able to come to Texas, it only gave them about two weeks notice! So rather than put it off until they had a little more lead time, everybody pitched in and pulled off a two-week wedding. I did the flowers. They turned down my offer to sing at the ceremony. (I don't know why no one ever takes me up on that.) It rained, really hard, but it held off long enough for them to get married in a friend's backyard and then for all of us to grab the cake and run inside to celebrate at their reception. It was also the biggest thunderstorm I remember in a while.

Despite the remarkable humidity level, Christina looked beautiful!

We actually went to Salado to take her bridal portraits. We took about a hundred, but these were some of my favorites:This one is down by Salado Creek.

Outside a tiny Catholic chapel that also hosts a pumpkin patch in the fall.

Her dress is from J.Crew and normally you can't buy those in the store. However, someone just happened to have returned one (in her size!) the day that she went to look at them! It was meant to be.

She looks better than either one of those manequins!

I believe the ring she is admiring there is an heirloom from Steven's family. So sweet!

A little yellow bouquet feature there!

I actually got to take their engagement pictures as well. We took some at Town Lake:

And some on South Congress:

Aren't they a charming couple?
Ha! They're so perfect for each other!

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