Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Too Long!

Hello, all! It's been way too long! There's been a lot going on - lots of pictures taken - lots of crafts being made. Well, they're on their way to being made. I should really do crafts more often so I don't spaz out with all this crafty energy every so often. Here's what my table looked like last night:

Today I added a sewing machine...and some cookies and some chinese food and some candy. Michael is out of town and I like Gilmore Girls and Chinese food when he's gone. I always think it's going to be fun to have the house to myself, but really it's just lonely.

Anyway, I really do have lots of stuff to blog about. My bathroom is done, I took portraits of Hudson on Sunday and I've got a baby shower coming up. Not mine. Heather's. It's gonna be big - Heather is very loved. I can't wait to see her with a belly!

All that to say - stay tuned! I haven't abandoned you! See you soon!

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