Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Puppy Dog Tails: Sam's Room

I promised pictures of Sam's room last time I was here. And now I have returned to deliver on that promise. I'm gonna go ahead and brag about how cute it is since, as it turned out, I had very little to do with it!

This is because almost every project I came up with included painting. I'm not sure if I was actually trying to be frugal like I claimed or if I was subconsciously trying to get out of the work. Either way, Michael was much more patient with all my projects than I ever expect him to be again.

Here is the best view of it, I think.

We picked a puppy dog theme. And yes, we realize this means we will someday probably have to get him a puppy dog. We discussed this actually. We briefly considered a teddy bear theme, because we felt we could more reasonably say no to getting him a bear. But in the end it was puppy dogs. I'm pretty sure Sam loves it.

The bulldog cutout is from an Etsy shop called Slippin' Southern. It was the first of what will probably be many orders from that shop. Go visit it. They have so much cute stuff!

The chest of drawers/changing table is one that we already had. But it used to be Ugly. (I meant to capitalize that. It was Ugly with a capital U.) Michael fixed it! Couple coats of primer and black paint, some new drawer pulls and voila! Much better.

Those adorable puppy dog water colors are also from Etsy. (Love Etsy!) The shop is called Jasper and Ruby. This is another one with LOTS of great stuff, although this one is all kid themed. Slippin' Southern has some that's for everyone.

Sam actually does love his puppy prints. He will stare and stare and stare at them while we change his diaper. That changing table might actually be his favorite spot in the house. Either that or the porch swing. It's a toss up.

Michael also made Sam his bookshelves.

And all of our sweet friends bought him all those books! They're so cute, and I already read them to him.

The two things I actually contributed were the crib skirt and Sam's mobile. 

I made the mobile, but I didn't design it. I had a template. They're actually little puppets that he can play with when he gets too big to need a mobile anymore!

And lastly, our chair.

It's already been a good, good chair. We spend a lot of time there. In fact, I slept in it the first night we put him in his room. (It reclines almost flat.) This was a gift from Michael's parents and we ordered it from Buy Buy Baby. Very comfy. And it's a rocker.

Oh! I did also frame that copy of Jesus Loves Me from an old hymnal. So that's three things I contributed! Look at me helping!

We all just love spending time in his room. It's now one of our favorite rooms in the house. I want to paint the living room and kitchen light gray, too, but I think Michael is all painted out for now! Aunt Brandi actually painted the walls for us. (All in one night!) Maybe she'll paint my living room for me! What do you say, Aunt Brandi? I'll let you snuggle Sam if you paint it for me!

God Bless Y'all!


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