Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jill & Dean's Engagement Little White Church Engagement Session

I loved everything about this session! First of all, Jill and Dean were so much fun, and if their marriage is anything like their engagement shoot, they will be laughing together a lot! I have a lot of shots like this one:

And more than a few like this one:

He hollers randomly. I think it's something akin to a love language. You don't have to understand it - Jill totally does, so it works.

In between cracking up and trying to get Dean to behave, we took the pretty pictures!

Another reason I loved this session is that Jill's family founded this little church out in Thorndale. She has wanted to get married there since she was little, but her guest list got too long and the small church can't accommodate everyone. So she decided that having their engagement portraits taken here would do.

Deep down roots, belly laughs and pinkie promises...that's what marriages are made of, right? Looks like that's what Jill's and Dean's will be made of!

Congratulations, Jill and Dean!

God bless y'all,


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