Monday, September 8, 2014

Throwback Tuesday

I'm mixing it up on y'all. We're throwing it back a little early in the week with some of my favorite images that I've ever taken.

They're special because they're some of my firsts. I took them in college for my one and only photography class at Baylor. All but one of them were taken on film and developed in a dark room, which I really miss. It was so slow. As far as workflow goes, I am grateful for digital cameras! But there's something about something that takes a little time...

I took this one at Mozart's here in Austin. Michael was already living here when I took my photography class, and I drove down one weekend to do a project. I like the conversation going on through the middle window. I caught that on purpose. Totally.

This one was also in Austin - there used to be an antiques store down at 24th and Lamar. The one with the Eiffel Tower in front? Why, oh why, did I not buy this dang top hat?! It was velvet. I love this photo, because you can tell it was shot on film.

Hymnals in the Pioneer Village behind the Mayborn at Baylor. I love it. I wish it was a real church. And I wish you could see which songs they're open to. I don't know if I even looked at that when I took it.

Something else I wish I had bought! At the time I thought it would've been silly to buy just one teacup, but I would drink from it every day and pretend like I am fancy if I had it now. I was proud at the time of my composition and how sharp the lady with the bustle is. Although, I actually had to do this shoot twice. I screwed it up bad the first time and came out with, well, nothing. Blanks. The second time was better. These were at Spice. I go there every time I drive through Waco if it's open.

I think about this picture all the time. It's the only one not taken on film, and I'm pretty sure I just took it with a point and shoot digital camera. The conditions must have been perfect. I love how simple it is. I've always thought of it as "quiet." It's just a quiet picture to me.

Just thinking about where I started.

God bless, y'all,


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