Sunday, August 1, 2010

Da, da, da, DAAA!!

And finally - the moment you've all probably forgotten about by now because it's been so long since I started this project - it's time to unveil my completed bathroom do-over. To refresh your memory, the bathroom used to look like this:

It was painted the color of refried beans, and since I never really dug the color, I never did anything else with the room. I used green towels from our apartment and hung them right next to the blue and tan curtain that we bought too long. I pinned it up but that's as close as I ever got to shortening it, so it had a kind-of balloon effect going on. It was very trendy.

Then for a month or so while I worked on it, it looked like this:

And now, I have painted (2 coats primer, 2 coats paint), shopped, nearly destroyed and basically re-created my bathroom to look like this:

We like it very much and we kind of hope it makes our house look a little less builder-ish. We painted it a lovely shade of yellow, replaced the light fixture and bought new accessories - towels and such.

I do have a little more to do in the decor department. The shelf (which Michael basically built for me) is a little sparse for my taste and I definitely want something on the wall. I'm thinking black and white photos, but I'm just not sure what kind of pictures to put in a bathroom. Any ideas?


  1. love the shelf... maybe some landscape or nature pics. hopefully soon Ill have pics of our kitchen to post :)

  2. (semi)headcookandbottlewasher@deandaleAugust 1, 2010 at 11:11 PM

    That is some kinda FINE looking bathroom !

  3. Thanks! I can't wait to see your kitchen, Carisa! Is headcookandbottlewasher Daddy? What bottles are you washing?

  4. Someone anonymous likes your bathroom. Your bathroom has a secret admirer. I think that's quite an accomplishment for a bathroom, and you should feel very good about your makeover. (Plus, *I* like it, which pretty much seals the deal.)

  5. cute! hobby lobby has really cute wall decorations for bathrooms that say stuff like "powder room" and other cute things like that. it'd match the art in your kitchen :)