Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last Weekend/My 50th Post!

Does that count as a bloggiversary? (I decided that would have two Gs, since anniversary has two Ns. I think it's airtight.) Well, then happy bloggiversary to me! And you - congratulations on putting up with my rambling for this long.

Okay - so this weekend will have it's own blog, but I never did put up my pictures from last weekend. I went to Fredericksburg by myself. I used to like shopping by myself. I think I would rather have company now. Even if it's Michael who has about a tenth of the shopping stamina that I have. (And that's a generous estimation.) But we compromise and he goes to the stores I want to go to if I just don't make him go to very many. It works out.

But last weekend he was watching football and so I did not drag him along with me. I just took my camera and headed out of town. It was actually pretty fun. I went to trade days. I didn't take many pictures there, but here's a couple of things I saw:

If you need soda bottles, the booth in the back left corner is the place to go. There were HUNDREDS of them!

Head straight back from the entrance if you want lanterns. They've got 'em!

A tip - wear shorts. I was the only fool there in jeans and even though it was a relatively pleasant day, it got hot real fast. But if you find yourself in that situation, the frozen strawberry lemonade is very refreshing. It's in a food truck on the right side.

The strangers walking by laughed at me for taking a picture of my lemonade. But it was really pretty. They just don't understand.

I did go into Fredericksburg and hit some of the shops. I bought one candle holder and some nice measuring spoons. Mine got chewed up by the garbage disposal. Then on the way back, I stopped at a vegetable stand and bought some green tomatos for frying.

I also saw many pumpkins. Some people were already buying them. Isn't it a little early? Seems like they would be at least a little shrivelly by the time Halloween gets here. But they are cute:

Then we watched some 24, Season 5. I am soooo glad that Aaron was okay. And that good won again. But mostly that Aaron was okay. The other deaths that season were already very difficult and I would've had to write a letter if they'd killed him, too.


  1. I will go shopping with you next time!!!! Tim isn't a big fan so I dont get to go much. :( If you want a cute little town to go shopping in try downtown Brenham. It is really cute and a ton of fun this time of year!

  2. Congratulations on your bloggiversary! Keep up the good work!