Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shoes...and their magic!

Boys are going to laugh at this blog...probably the loudest will be my husband. He doesn't understand shoes.

I can remember looking at different pairs of shoes when I was little. I mean, like as I was wearing them. I remember the hyper color pair I had. White with embroidery that was also white inside, but turned pink when you went outside. I definitely remember standing inside, then going out and watching them turn pink. And then going inside until the pink faded and doing it all over again. I believe at least part of the embroidery was a butterfly.

I remember talking about my "fast" shoes. I don't know what they looked like, but I think every kid has a pair of "fast" shoes at some point. But mine really were faster than my other shoes.

I also had (if I'm not making this memory up) a pair of white cowgirl boots. Again, if I'm not making this up Daddy would sing Rhinestone Cowboy when I wore them. Only he would change the lyrics to Rhinestone Cowgirl. I was actually a little confused when I heard that song recently. 'I thought it was a cowgirl...'

Of course, our back to school shopping for many years included a new pair of white Keds. Anybody else? Besides Brandi, I mean? I know you had them.

I remember a pair of Clarks leather slides from middle school. The black chunky heels I wore to my first dance. And some J.Crew suede and wood clogs that I wore my senior year in high school. I wore them when I went to visit Brandi at Baylor and I thought I must look soooo grown up! Some glow-in-the-dark Saucony sneakers I had on during a black out in a class at Baylor. I could seriously go on and on. In fact...I must mention The Beautiful Shoes. They were my first black heels and they were (and are) beautiful. They're just a little well-loved now.

So now black heels are my version of white Keds. I must always have a presentable pair that's not too worn down on the outside of the tips. Apparently I'm not a level walker. My shoe funds tend to be a little limited, so I don't have a stock pile of white, fringed cowgirl boots or embroidered sneakers, but I did happen upon these Happy Red Flats this weekend while we were shopping for my dad's bday present. Sorry Daddy. We got distracted!

Today was ridiculous. It started out with hurricane rain and even now as I'm getting ready for bed, there's rain and thunder and lightning outside my window. I seriously considered not wearing my Happy Red Flats this morning for fear of ruining them in the rain, but I am sooo glad I did! They totally got me through! 'Ugh! This traffic!' 'Gross! My hair!' 'Argh! My customers!' In between each of those exclamations there was a little 'Yay! My shoes!' And I would look under my desk and see my Happy Red Flats. It's another shoe memory I'll always have.

P.S. - Even better - they were on sale! How's that for happy?!


  1. I don't remember the cowboy boots, but I can tell you what your fast shoes looked like -- I had an identical pair, though I didn't notice mine being particularly fast. (Then again, I've never been particularly fast. It might not have been their fault.)

    Anyway, they were white leather with really round toes and thick white leather souls. They were the first really round-toed shoes I remember having. I think they were called Treetops? Something with Tree in it. Similar to these K-Swiss: http://www.finishline.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?sourceid=shopping&productId=prod649860&K-SWISS&cid=42&CAWELAID=378996581. We wore them to T-ball practice. I'm pretty sure we were in T-ball in the old house, before Logan was born, so you would have been, what, 4?

    But seriously. When did you have white cowboy boots? With fringe? I don't remember those at all. I do remember my purple cowboy boots. I wish I still had those.

    As for me, I remember my red jellies that I wore on the first day of first grade. A parade of Keds, including some in neon colors. I wore them with one of my two neon Mickey Mouse shirts -- one was bright neon yellow and the other was bright neon pink. Ah neon.

    Anyway, I spilled chocolate ice cream on one of them at the ice cream shop in Galveston. So then I was down to only one neon colored Mickey Mouse shirt. That was a sad day.

    I also had some denim ones for awhile. It was when Erin and I thought it was cool to have everything in denim. Denim shoes sealed the deal on my coolness.

    Oh, and remember those crazy crazy tall navy blue "heels"? I remember for some idiotic reason walking to night church in them from the house with you and having to take them off and arriving at church with my hose in shreds.

  2. Oh, and I didn't have any, but I remember being very jealous of Lindsey's (our cousin Lindsey, not Lindsey Johnson) black and white saddle shoes. And that was probably before we were even in Kindergarten. I still kind of want some.

  3. It was a bunch of years ago but I (think) that I will remember those white, fringed cowgirl boots and my singing of rhinestone cowgirl if you say so ... and you do, so yeah, I definately do remember that.