Friday, March 18, 2011

So Cute on SoCo!

First of all - wow! So many people looked at my karaoke post! Thanks guys! I'm glad you stopped by.

So here we are again - you guys briefly met this couple two posts ago. They are Steve & Elisha of "I Love You So Much" fame.

Sidenote - my dad asked me if that graffiti was already there or if I put it there for the picture. Really? Can you see me tagging a building just to get a pretty picture? I don't think the latte I had to drink right before the session was quite stiff enough to make me think that was okay!

Moving onto the pictures - the good stuff!! We stopped for a photo about every three feet on South Congress, so there are a few of them!
This is one of my favorites. Steve is a drummer, so all the music posters in the background just make me happy!

Cuddling on South Congress.

This is in front of the Hotel San Jose.

If you're from Austin, you probably recognize a few of these spots. If not, you should come see them! You can stay in our guest room!

He was supposed to stay on the green side, but he just couldn't resist a little kiss!

Our last stop was Friends of Sound, which is a record store back behind the main shops on Congress. It's a cool little spot, and Steve and Elisha like to shop for records together. (I don't know if that's the cool way to say that or not, but you get the idea.) I like the shots we got here a lot!

Thanks guys! We had a lot of fun with this shoot! Can't wait for the wedding!

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  1. You did do a good job on this set doodle !
    Cute pics !

    " Really? Can you see me tagging a building just to get a pretty picture? "

    For your art ?
    ABSOLUTEY ! (right?)

  2. They *are* so cute. I like the muchly. Much the way I "liked" your new facebook page, FYI. Even though you didn't even want to be friends with me on facebook, originally. I'm forgiving like that.