Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello, Hello Again!

Sha-boom, sha-boom.

Had to finish it.

Anyway - I have Hudson's pictures finished, so I'm ready to show you a larger sample. Here are my favorites!

We actually did his portraits in two segments. This is from the first one at the Hogg House. I think it's so funny when he sticks his tongue out!

He also really likes to put his fists in his mouth apparently. His momma kept moving them down and they just kept popping right back up!

"Hudson! Hudson! He's our man!" I'm not sure how many times we chanted that to keep him giggling - it was a lot. But it worked.

And big laughs to finish! Thanks Hudson!


  1. That is a smiley little boy. Cute.

    But my favorite part of the sha-boom sha-boom song is ladadadadadah ladadadah.