Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a Weekend! / A Weird Pattern

Whew!! I am wore out from this weekend! Friday night we celebrated Carmen's bday (PF Chang's with some of my favorite people - yum!), Saturday was Heather's baby shower and Sunday we took maternity portraits for her. It was all a lot of fun, but there were 3 inch heels, forty guests and what I'm certain was more than 100 degrees of Texas heat involved. Not to mention 6 hours of driving over three days. Wow!

So I have lots to blog about and very little time to actually get down to doing it. I'm currently at a Starbucks on my lunchbreak (very nutritious) getting a little editing in, and I am just so excited about this huge crop of photos that I decided to share a little sneak peak with you. We'll go in chronological order.

You've seen this little guy before. Well, guess what - Hudson is four months old this week! He's very smiley and likes it when his mom makes up cheers for him.

This is Miss Kailey Fish. Michael and I met our friends Summer and Tim and Kailey in Pflugerville a couple of weekends ago and spent a couple of hours playing and taking pictures. I'm almost done getting these pictures ready to show her parents and I can't wait! I keep opening up my pictures folder just to look at beautiful Kailey Fish.

And lastly, Mrs. Heather Muskrat is expecting Jacob Andrew (named after his daddy) in October and was in Texas for her shower this weekend. She was a trooper and agreed to let me photograph her even though it was unbearbly hot! I have a TON of pictures from this shoot and her shower.

I just realized that all three subjects from these shoots have animal last names...Hudson HOGG, Kailey FISH and Heather MUSKRAT. What in the world?!

Stay tuned for lots more pictures coming up!


  1. yay for a fetish with animals and yay for pictures of Hudson! :)

  2. Hooray!!!! We are excited! Animal last names are cool!