Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Better Settle In - It's Gonna Be a Long Blog

It's about time I get these pictures of Heather's baby shower up! It was such a sweet day and I think all of us (probably most of all Heather!) were exhausted at the end of the day. But Heather got a LOAD of wonderful gifts and got to see a lot of people that she loves that day, so it was well worth it. But seriously, I don't remember being quite that tired in a really long time!

Rather than one large cake, we made "baby cakes." (My fellow hostesses assured me the name was cute and not gruesome.) It was the best decision. They are so cute on the table and there is no cake cutting involved. We topped ours with Baby Jacob's monogram. He will be Jacob Andrew Muskrat.

These really didn't get eaten, but we didn't expect them to. Apparently Heather was craving tomatos with her pickles instead of icecream. Her sister says she would go so far as to order a bowl of pickles and tomatos in a restaurant! I guess pregnant ladies are allowed to order off-menu.

Fruit trays are always a hit and apparently early August is a perfect time for melons. We had some leftover cupcake toppers, so we dressed the fruit up a little too.

These are Heather's favorite cookies. People kept coming back for them.

We planned some little crafts. This one was a blessing wreath.

I think this is Heather's cousin? For her blessing she was drawing a picture of Jacob fighting a dragon. Apparently he's going to be very brave!

We also had the guests decorate onesies! So much fun and they turned out so cute! This is Heather's niece. I think this onesie will be Jacob's favorite.


Lots of present to be opened! Whatever this one was, Heather was really excited about it!

And these are just some sweet shots that I liked a lot.

And finally some favorites from her maternity shoot. What a trooper! It was HOT. And she was wearing maternity jeans. It just shouldn't have to be that way.

I think a little Marble Slab made her feel better about it.

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