Wednesday, December 29, 2010


One time Brandi and I were comparing someone's life to a sitcom - don't remember who - but she asked what sitcom are Michael and I. I said I didn't know - which one has a spazzy, goofy wife and a calm, patient husband. She said (a little too enthusiastically?) I LOVE LUCY!!

So I'm Lucy. (which of my friends would this make Ethel? Meagan is my closest neighbor so...?)

I find this comparison fitting waaaay to often for my liking! Like today - totally ran into a door in a customer's office. I dropped all my stuff, fell on my bottom and cried that big loud cry Lucy has. The customer didn't get the bit.

That may not have been how it played out.

But it did rock me back on my heels and make me shake my head and think, "Who does this stuff?!"

Lucy. That's who.

And me. Cuz I'm Lucy. Oh my. Oh my my my!

And now, cuz I hate it when there are no pictures, a few shots of the goings on for the last few days:

Today I just worked at the office. But I do have Friday off this week!

Perhaps I'll go visit Meagan around the corner:
Won't that be fun?

The holidays bring lots of catching up with family. Some are close enough to see, others get a phone call:

Michael got me some really nice gifts for Christmas.
"It's just what I wanted!"

Michael is trying out a new 'do:
And apparently some Grecian Formula. Hm.

I hit some after Christmas sales:
It looks better in person. I'll wear it to church on Sunday. (Now you'll be there!)

Thanks for reading! I'm off to put my hair in rollers, cover them in a scarf and cuddle up across the room from Michael in my separate twin bed.


  1. love this! I'd be honored to be your Ethel, Luce!

  2. I *do* think Michael should try out that hair do. He could bring it back! It'd be awesome. And then we could go back to wearing cute little dresses and heels all the time.