Friday, December 31, 2010

Four Years!

Yesterday was Michael's and my fourth anniversary! I really intended to write a little anniversary post with a picture from our wedding - but I also really intended to remember my annivesary! Did not happen.

Michael called me at work at about 1 to ask me something. We talked quickly and got off the phone. Then about 15 seconds later he called me again.

Me - Hey.

Michael - Hey.

Me - What's up?

Michael - Happy Annivesary.

Me - What?! What's today?!

Computer confirms date. Dang it! I didn't realize today was the 30th! Although, I don't really know how I didn't realize it. Oh well. We laughed about it. At least we both forgot and neither of us can be mad at the other.

So I don't know how much I really remember from our wedding day and how much I feel like I remember because I've seen the pictures so often. But here are a few shots from the day. Obviously, I did not take these pictures. The very talented David Hill took them for me! (

Some getting ready shots. Only some of my bridesmaids made it to the salon to get ready. *Others* slept in. Oh, Heather!

That middle picture is me singing Beyonce's To The Left. It had just come out and was very catchy.

Actually, look - Heather did make it! She was just late.

Some more getting ready at the church. This is where the flower girls came to meet us. Aren't they cute? I couldn't pick just one. I decided it was my wedding and I was going to have three. They were a lot of fun.

Some of the boys:

Aren't my bridesmaids beautiful?! They totally distracted me from Michael for a second while I was walking down the aisle. Just for a second though.
I had them pick out their own black dress. It turned out beautiful and waaay less stressful! You should totally do this for your wedding. I know some of them got some really great deals and - I'm not making this up - they actually can wear the dresses again.

My fambly:

Michael's fambly:

The actual ceremony took about 12 minutes. We had Jennifer Seale (whose family portraits will be posted soon!) sing Made for You by Watermark and we didn't have any unity candles or scripture readings or anything, so it just went really fast. I remember thinking Brandon did a really good job, although I honestly don't remember what he said. I assume there was an "I pronounce you man and wife" in there somewhere.

I love that picture of Lindsey. Laughing is exactly how I think of her! She's always having a good time! Who knows what she was laughing at.

And now we're married! Our recessional was How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You by James Taylor. Good fun. (It's like sugar sometimes...)

And then we ate cake and hugged necks and headed out of town! We went to San Diego for our honeymoon and I have a ton of pictures from it, too. But this post has gotten plenty long so I'll leave you with just a couple more pics

Whew! That was a long one.


  1. oh, this was definitely one of my favorite posts. I feel like I was there! :) LOVE it and love y'all too! Congrats! :)

  2. Heeee. You forgot? That's awful. But yes, good that you both forgot. Did you not have presents to exchange? I have trouble believing you forgot presents.