Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jifferdoodle's Going Gruene

I think I meant to put a "to" in there. Jifferdoodle's going TO Gruene. Gruene, Texas, that is. And actually I already went there.

I met up with this couple in Gruene a few weeks ago to take some engagement portraits. They're getting married in April, so we had to get a move on! They're actually from San Antonio, so Gruene was not only a convenient spot for us to meet, turns out it also makes for some gorgeous engagement photos!

We started in Gruene Hall and really could have gotten plenty of shots in there. I love the lighting.

I loved this shoot, and I can't wait for the wedding! Congratulations Nina & Kyle!


  1. LOVE IT jenny! what a great place to take pictures and such a cute couple!!

  2. These may be my favorite yet! I like a whole lot of them, but I think that one in the second collage of them in front of the stage is so interesting -- the curtain behind them makes it look so old fashioned.