Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This Is Probably Not Going to Be Awesome

I don't have an awesome idea for my first blog back, but I've just got to break the ice and write SOMETHING!!

So to that end, I've got some randomness for you. Happy New Year!

A few weeks ago I drove through Burnet on some back roads and I found this church:

I stopped to take some pictures even though it had already rained and turned everything muddy and was about to start raining again. Worth it.

It had this cool looking pavillion with a bunch of old pews bunched up in the middle.

I guess I also thought the rafters looked cool enough for a picture. I stand by that decision.

This wreath was right down the road from the church on a gate. It was maybe prettier when I wasn't so close, but I still took the picture. And if you look at the right side of the wreath you'll see the little bird that landed on it right as I snapped the photo!

Just kidding. That's a stuffed bird that, frankly, has seen better days. Oh well.

Couple more random things:

Firstly, Jessica's cake. Yummmm. It tasted gooood and look how pretty! She made that. Pecans and all.

And lastly, and this part is pretty awesome I guess:

Leila. Snuggling with a teddy bear that is bigger than she will be for years! We're so glad you're here Leila!

Okay - whew!! I blogged. I'll be back with more. You may have to suffer through more randomness before I can come up with a coherent thought, but I'll work on it.


  1. I really like the church picture. And the rafter picture. I stand by your decision there, too.

  2. You're right the church picture was worth stopping for. You should do a book of photos & histories of country churches. The other pics are good too. Too bad a bird didn't really land on the wreath right at the time you took the shot. That would have been perfect.
    I'm very impressed with Jessica's cake. Maybe you could also do a book of photos of cakes your friends make. Hee.

  3. Hmm... that little baby looks familiar ;)