Thursday, June 17, 2010

Honky Tonkin'

So we need to learn how to two-step. Especially Brandi does. I have no hope of ever getting my husband to two-step with me. Brandi still has that possibility. We hit the Broken Spoke tonight. There were lots of cute boots twirling around the dance floor. Austin girls can wear them some boots!

The place is not touristy - don't let anyone tell you it is. I'm sure lots and lots of tourists come there, but there's no gift shop or anything. I didn't see any t-shirts for sale, although I find that a little hard to believe. Come to think of it, though, I've never seen anyone wearing a Broken Spoke t-shirt.

Here are the only pics that I could do anything at all with. I have no idea how to white balance for neon lighting. (Bring a real fast lense if you have one!)

The main (only) stage.

Brandi at a honky tonk.

I was not sure I liked this picture at first. It was the only one of the singer that came anywhere close to in focus. (I do not have a very fast lense.) But I think it's growing on me. In black and white like this, it looks really old. His hair, by the way, was only fractions of an inch below the ceiling.

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