Monday, June 7, 2010

A Photo Series by Brandi Dean

My sister took these pictures of me and Michael at Jack Allen's Kitchen.

We're such a handsome couple. We were celebrating Brandi's birthday. It was a little bit early. Logan is going to Switzerland the weekend after Brandi's bday, so we did everything early. This is also the weekend that we (just the girls) went out to the lavender farm. I think I liked it. It was kind-of neat and it smelled really good. I bought some lavender pillow mist. It smells really nice. And, the farmers there on that farm made it. So we walked around and looked at this stuff:

My grandma stole a sign:

But not really. It was already on the bench. Then we bought some stuff in the gift shop and then we sat on a purple bench beside the field and drank strawberry lavender lemonade. It was tasty.

That's Mom and Grandma on the purple bench.

Then we went to Fredericksburg to eat lunch, and on the way back we took this road instead of the highway:

And we stopped and bought some:

Hope you had a good weekend, too!

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