Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last Roadtrip Blog

I wanted to put this post up a few days ago, but my free subscription of Photoshop Lightroom ran out. I put a new free trial on our old desktop computer, and the poor thing made a valliant effort, but apparently photo editing is just too much for it's ancient processor to accomodate. It kept freezing up in the middle of it. Oh well.

I did have a few extras already edited, so I'll go ahead and post them here along with the route that we took. Our route was almost perfect, with the exception of the last day. Here it is:

Started in Austin, TX.
Took Hwy. 71 west to Spicewood, TX.
Took Hwy. 281 South almost to Johnson City.
Turned right onto Sandy Rd. and followed it all the way until it T'd into RR 1323.
Followed 1323 to RR 1631 which hits Hwy. 290 and hook a right into Fredericksburg.

Stonewall is back east on 290 about 15 minutes from Fredericksburg. (Unless there's a rodeo, there's really no reason to go here. There might be some wineries or something.)

Took Hwy. 290 east to get to Jenschke-Kunz/Barrett Rd. which takes you to Luckenbach. Don't blink. You'll miss it.
This road basically turns into RR 1376 which will take you all the way to Boerne, where you will look for Hwy. 46.
Head west on 46 and stick to it when it turns into 16.
This takes you to Bandera where you will look for RR 470 which takes you to Hwy. 83.
Hook a quick left on Hwy. 83 and you're practically at Garner State Park.

Now, we headed on into Uvalde after Garner, which was nice because there was a Holiday Inn Express (and at least one other chain) and you can pretty much count on them having some kind of room. But if I had it to do over again, I would've either camped or made a reservation somewhere around Garner or the Frio and just stayed there. Or, stayed in Uvalde, but headed back that way for the last leg of the trip toward Gruene. The way that we took on Sunday was not nearly as impressive as our Saturday drive. For this reason, I'm not gonna bother figuring out the crazy way that we went on the last day of the trip. There were many Ranch and Farm Roads involved and I don't think I could figure them out if I tried.

And to wrap it up, the last few pictures:

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