Friday, June 18, 2010

On the Road!

The much-anticipated day has arrived, and Brandi and I are moments (probably like an hour) away from hittin' the road! We're grooming and packing and then we're on the way. Well, after we stop for gas...and a map...and some makeup for Brandi...

We are at least well prepared to catch Brandi a cowboy! The clever girls at NASA put together this little kit to help her in her romantic pursuits:

The brownies and the hat are for luring the cowboys in the first place. The flask is to get them a little tipsy and therefore off their guard so that she can rope them with the lasso (we're gonna have to practice that one). The picture frame is for a picture of her and her new beau. The Don't Mess With Texas Women sign is to hang at her ranch. She bought the boots herself. Those are just cute.

Gotta finish packing! See you later!

Oh! Leave us some comments! I've set it to where anyone can leave a commnet - not just blogspotters.

Also - Brandi works at NASA and it was her friends at NASA who put the kit together for her. We did not randomly recruit NASA to help Brandi catch a cowboy. Here's hopin' they know what they're talking about, though!


  1. I'm the first to leave a comment! Ya'll have fun!! Your entries make me laugh! I'll be in the Hill Country from July 2nd to 18th! 18 days!! If you go through Marble Falls, eat at the Blue Bonnet Cafe and get some pie! They have a happy hour for it! Love ya'll! Casey

  2. You're blogs are really keeping me entertained!! I LOVE IT!! This is making me want to take a trip with me sister!
    Y'ALL BE SAFE!! Love y'all, Lindsey

  3. Haha, I thought the comment about NASA was funny, you're a hoot!! Hope y'all have a great time, be safe!!

  4. On behalf of the "kit" team, I have to speak up....Being an Aggie, I can appreciate cowboys as much as anyone (wink wink). I wasn't the best at catching any myself, but wanted to share what I could... Really, Brandi's divine looks and the boots are enough to make great men swoon, but being the NASA way, we had to add some redundancy and safety measures, hence the brownies, flask and the lasso....= )

    Can't wait to read more about the trip! lovin' the photos and the narrative so far...