Monday, May 31, 2010

Not a Crazy Cat Lady

Okay - I am not a crazy cat lady just yet, but here is some of the fun we had this weekend:

My parents have a cat that had kittens a week or so ago. The black and white one falls asleep whenever he/she stands still. They are all adorable! But there are six of them and they already have two cats and a stray that has taken up residence in the back yard. So they can't keep them. My parents are coming to Austin next weekend, so if anybody wants one, let me know and they can deliver it in a few days.

Also while we were in Jasper we went to my cousin, Justin's, graduation. This is Justin:

When we arrived at his graduation, there were hundreds of cars at the rodeo arena. (Oh heck yes, we do have graduation at the rodeo arena.) The mayor happens to live right next to it and he waved us into his yard. He was wearing a wifebeater and cargo shorts. Then later, the valedictorian ended her speech with, "Sic 'em dawgs and git her done!" This town is our town - this town is so glamorous - bet you'd live here if you could ...

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