Friday, September 9, 2011


They tend to pile up at my house. So I decided that a week off is a perfect time to get some of them done. Or at least started. Here's what I've been working on today and yesterday.

All these and then some!! So the wrought iron wall decoration in the front is getting a coat of turquoise paint to match the accents in my guest bedroom. It'll go over the bed. That spots always been a little blank for me.

The big white drum shade is going to be the light fixture in my office and it is getting covered with the yellow and white fabric slung over the chair there.

I think out of this picture the chairs will be the most time consuming because I have to sand them down before I paint them black. These are going to go in my Jenni Roberts Photography office. Like I said, they'll be painted black and the seats are getting recovered with that gray and white patterned fabric next to the yellow fabric. (It happens to be the same pattern that is on my logo girl's dress!)

Okay, but that's actually not all! We actually got the patio done this week! (Pictures to come after it's been "styled".) So this means that I need to get on the ball with that porch swing I ordered! I finally decided that I would paint it black and use black and white fabric for the cushion. But when I pulled the swing parts out of the box, they were a little rough. They didn't exactly look inviting. More like you would definitely get a splinter in your rear if you tried to swing on it.

So I asked Michael to show me how to use the sander, and I smoothed it all out for you.
Now you can sit on it without injury. You're welcome.

The swing parts are now laying on my garage floor waiting for their last coat of black paint. Then I'll get it together and hopefully hung up before I go back to work next week! Yay! (The cushion will take a little bit longer. But we'll get there!)

I think I'll put pictures up of my progress at the end of the weekend no matter if they're finished or not. See you then!


  1. I can't wait to see it and swing in it. Please try to order some nice cool weather for when we come to visit. You know how Daddy and I enjoy the back yard. Last trip was a little warm for my taste. By the way, your Momma thinks you're very smart and creative.

  2. I'm very impressed by the photo of you with a power tool. The gloves and mask and everything make it look official.