Monday, September 5, 2011

Vacation Update No. 1

I know everyone is dying to know what I've been doing with my week off so far! Well, let me tell you, it has been quite exciting!

Today's big event - using a Groupon to Jo's Good Food on 2nd Street. (We've been there before and knew it was good, so we jumped on the Groupon.)

This is Jo's:
It's real cute, and that is originally what drew me to it.

This is the inside of Jo's:
It's also real cute. I like to grab a cream soda out of the little icebox in the bottom right corner there when I go to Jo's.

Now cuteness goes a long way with me in a restaurant. It is not, however, enough to keep me coming back despite terrible food. What keeps me coming back to Jo's is their BLT. This is me waiting for my BLT.
If I could add a thought bubble there it would say, "Mmmmm BLT!" Michael took that picture.

That is of course me only about three minutes into our wait for our BLTs. It ended up taking what seemed like almost half an hour. Just too long. But the service is not usually that bad. And most of the waiters are not as rude as that one know who you are!

So by the time our food got there, there was no time for taking a picture of it. We dove right in.

Here's Michael right before he dove right in:
"Mmmm!  BLT!"


  1. I just don't know why we always have such a hard time deciding where to go and eat when we are at your house. You know so many good places! One of us needs to start a restaurant journal! We'll just put the names of all the restaurants in a hat and pull a name out. That's where we will go. Next time is Daddy's birthday so we'll let him pull the name out of the hat. But we have to remember to put the California Pizza Kitchen in there. I still want to try it. But I would be very happy with any of the places you have been to this week. Sounds like you've had a great vacation!

  2. I wish I had a BLT right now. That sounds amazing.