Sunday, May 9, 2010

What the What?! and Eeyore's favorite place in Texas

Okay - I'm going to try to put text in between my photos. I'm not sure how to do this. The first picture is what happened today. When? I don't know. It wasn't while I was in the car and, for the life of me, I cannot think of when I was parked in a space that would've allowed for someone to hit my car this way. I think someone must've kicked it. Tha's rude.

Okay, okay! I think I've got it. There's probably an easier way than editing my HTML every time I add a picture, but that's what's gonna work for tonight. Okay, but seriously though - never once got hit in the truck in TEN years! What the what?!

Now for some more pictures. Michael and I went to scout out lavendar farms yesterday. My mom and grandma want to come see one, but there are several and I wanted to make sure we find a pretty one. I'm glad I went, because the first one was disappointing and that's where I would've taken them based on website alone. Here's the very best picture I could get out of it:

And that's only okay because it's a close up and doesn't show the rest of the dried up field. I'm sure it was very pretty a couple of weeks ago when all the plants looked like this one. But it wasn't yesterday and wasn't likely to be in two weeks when my family comes. (We did end up finding another place with a different type of plant that is getting ready to bloom in the next couple of weeks. Perfect! I'll take pictures!)

We did, however, drive on into Fredericksburg for lunch. I didn't make Michael shop - partly because we were having a pleasant time and that would've made it unpleasant because he would've hated it. Also partly because I didn't have any money to spend on anything you can buy in Fredericksburg anyway. BUT we did go to Rather Sweet for lunch. I was very hungry so I forgot to take pictures of the food before we started eating, but the light coming through the window next to us was so pretty that I did go ahead and take this picture:

Sorry if it grosses you out. It was a good burger. Michael doesn't like raw onions.

Also - Michael was sweet to go with me in the first place, but then on the way back I said, "I want to get off the highway!" And he said, "Let's go to Albert," rather than the, "What? Why?" that I was expecting. So we did. We had our GPS with us and we just told it we wanted to go to Albert, Texas and it told us where to go. It was the prettiest drive I've been on in a long time! Also, we passed by this field completely covered in these huge, tall thistles. Hundreds of them - it would've made Eeyore smile. I said, "Look at all those thistles!" And Michael said, in what was at least his second stroke of brilliance for the day, "You want to stop and take pictures?" My reaction was to say, Nah, and drive on, but I couldn't actually think of a good reason why not. So we did. And this is what we got:

Nice, huh? So the moral of the story is: Michael is sweet, and when life gives you thistles (even though you were looking for lavender) take a pretty picture.

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