Saturday, May 15, 2010

That's bait! & It's on!

Wednesday night we went out with our friend Lee for her birthday. Lee likes sushi. So do all her friends. Except me. I had teriyaki chicken and some delicious cheesecake. Here's what Jessica (Lee's sister) and Todd ate:

It at least looked pretty. That's the "bait" portion of this blog.

On to the "It's On!" portion. I decided pretty quick after we painted our bathroom the first time that I did not like it. This weekend I finally started to do something about it. Actually, I really started this past week. I put up a sample of the yellow I thought I wanted. This is it:

This yellow will not do. It's much too yellow. In fact, it is called Pooh Bear yellow. it's from Home Depot's Disney collection. I thought it was pretty. I would not be surprised if it is the exact pantone they use for Winnie the Pooh. Much too yellow. So then I found a picture in the Pottery Barn catalog that I liked. So I went to the Benjamin Moore store and bought a sample. It's not up on my wall yet, but I will put a picture up as soon as it is. Here's a before shot for you:

Here's an in progress shot. Remember, everything looks worse before it looks better. That's my tidbit of wisdom for the day.

The "after" shot is just a little something for you to look forward to.

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